Partner Le Bros in Vietnam Hired by VinaPhone

February 16, 2016

Le Bros saluted the New Year, obtaining a new giant client, VinaPhone. This is Vietnam’s third largest mobile phone carrier, with about 30 million subscribers and annual revenue of approximately US$1.15 billion.

The inking of contract with VinaPhone gave Le Bros the chance to provide its retaining marketing consultancy service, though its long-term experience in telecommunication industry had been mainly projects for other companies, VinaPhone rivals.

The first campaign, right before the Lunar New Year holidays, to launch VinaPhone 4G trial service has been successfully completed with a digital-dedicated marketing solution, which combined the power of live video streaming technology with social media communication idea. The campaign was highly appreciated by independent social listening engines, with about 16,400 talk-about buzzfeed, reaching more than 29 million audiences.

Within the next few days, Le Bros will help VinaPhone to launch its new series of 10-digit numbers with prefix 088, which is designed as a completely new trendy product, data-focused with many none-voiced value-added services. This new concept is expected to change VinaPhone’s image to more lifestyle-oriented that cares more about its customers’ experience.