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“March comes in like a lion”

Asahi Advertising Inc.
Broadcast - Television, Print Advertising
Japanese comic “March comes in like a lion” Sales promotion campaign
In general, sales of comic books have been decreasing recently. While, viral effect persistently supported by sales clerks of bookstores and fans have made a major influence to comic books which are selling well. Therefore, we have aimed at creating word-of-mouth through implementing promotion activities which makes the fans enable to enjoy, and which leads to increase sales of the comic books.
Communication objective of TVCM was not reaching the target widely, but creating “contents” which increases their level of their satisfaction. We used actual fans for CM, and developing twenty five CM variations. In the CM, each person’s feelings about the comic are linked with others by passing the comic book as a baton, and each twenty five CMs are linked as one story. The fans’ messages who unable to appear on CM were placed on station posters in order to make them link with the campaign.
We put emphasized on “Create bond” through everyone’s feelings about the comic, and also through relationship between the fans, between the comic & the fan, and among the comic & the fan & client. Then the campaign has successfully generated the sympathy for “March comes in like a lion” among audiences and enhanced the bond among the comic, the client and audiences, which contributed to increase the sales of the comics.

Creative Work

“March comes in like a lion”

Print Advertising
Sales Promotion Campaign - Poster

“March comes in like a lion”

Broadcast - Television
Sales Promotion Campaign
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