Meet Hunter

Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that is so prevalent in their region, Worldwide Partners agency, Hunter was founded in 2010 by Simon Hakim and Matt Gibbins. The Melbourne, Australia-based shop also has offices in neighboring New Zealand.

Hailing from Australia, Norway, UK, France, New Zealand, China and beyond, their team has a pedigree that boasts experience on branding some of the world’s finest challenger brands and marketing rock stars as diverse as Skype, innocent drinks, Grolsch and most recently powerhouse brands Coca-Cola and Coors.

Living and breathing brand reboots and startups, Hunter’s team also put their money where their mouth is, using their skills to build their own businesses that run alongside the day-to-day. This sense of ‘walking the walk’ means Hunter really does get the nuances of running a successful business – something that is reflected in their work for local clients such as Sensory Lab, Hubbards and Australian Bitters Co.

Speaking about their philosophy, Hunter CEO Simon Hakim explains, “Building or rebooting brands is in our blood. We try and simplify and then humanize brands, ultimately helping them connect with people. It’s important for brands to understand who they are and where they want to be. Part of what we do is live and breathe our clients’ business. I guess for us, we also love working with brands who are in the shit. Those sorts of challenges excite us and the changes we can affect are immense. Yeah, being in the shit is sometimes a healthy place to be for any business who wants to succeed.”

Hakim continues, “We’re really looking forward to 2017 and working very closely with WPI to help grow the reputation this side of the world. Being able to say you’ve got the likes of BSSP [Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners] and other stars in your corner gives you even more confidence. It’s definitely good for the swagger.”

Project: Make Good Food. Then Make A Difference
Client: Hubbards
Expertise: Brand Reboot

Project: Laphroaig & Lucy Liu
Client: The Exchange
Expertise: Build

Project: Coffee Made Perfect
Client: Sensory Lab
Expertise: Reboot