Welcome New Partner, Headvertising


We’re excited to welcome a new partner, Headvertising, to the WPI network! Headvertising is based in Bucharest, Romania, and made a name for themselves there as a creative agency focused on delivering only what’s best for brands. They don’t recycle ideas, don’t follow “industry rules,” don’t dumb down messaging, and don’t mind the festival juries. Rather, Headvertising sets their sights on the long term business implications for each client they work with, and finds the right mix of channels, treatments, formats and messaging to integrate communications and drive results.

This approach has proven successful for all types of brands–ING Bank, NN Pensions & Insurance, Red Bull Energy Drink, Dodge, Mercedes and World Wildlife Fund–but has been especially rewarding for those in the financial sector that need help connecting with consumers on a more personal and deeper level. A recent campaign for ING Bank is a great example of the impact that thorough planning, unique ideas, great visual storytelling and targeted campaigns can have. The campaign, “Simplu ca la ING” (“As simple as with ING”), used innovative visual language and inventive analogue production techniques in order to contrast its “digital” theme, which not only promoted ING’s digital banking but also had positive influences on the brand as a whole.

Headvertising has already benefitted from the WPI network. When a local client of theirs wished to launch their brand in some European markets, the good folks at The Union in Scotland, Wächter & Wächter in Germany, and Legend Group in Poland jumped in to provide useful insights and market data, helping Headvertising deliver a top-notch presentation to the client. Now, Headvertising looks forward to leveraging the WPI network to help them be more global and “go beyond the ‘club of peers with similar issues.’”

Learn more about your new partner, Headvertising.