Evony: The Kings Return


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Relaunching a desktop game in the crowded mobile space.


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Agency Partner

Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners
Sausalito, CA, USA

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Evony is a strategy game with roots in the desktop world. In relaunching the game for mobile, we had to reach the discerning 25-54-year old male audience – while elevating perception of the game and the category itself… a category where creative is awash with mindless action and sex.


We produced a cinematic series featuring a rich, character-driven world centering on the storyline of three generals… 14 centuries and three continents apart, uniting on one battlefield. For the leading roles, we had the good fortune of casting Aaron Eckhart as George Washington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as King Arthur and one of China’s biggest stars, Fan Bingbing as Empress Wu.