HNA Group Project


Project details

In May and June 2016, working with our WPI partner, WE Marketing, Ardmore’s local team provided full strategic PR and media relations engagement, design, production and event assistance to support HNA Group’s corporate outreach activities in the UK (London), Ireland (Dublin) and Europe as part of its FDI growth programme in these markets. Working directly with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, the extensive B2B and media relations-led programme helped to enhance this leading global Chinese investor’s image, reputation and standing in the marketplace, supporting its investment proposition and its opportunities in multiple European locations and further afield.

Underlining the activity was a series of specially-arranged media interviews with international business, trade and industry news providers in London, Dublin, Frankfurt and Zurich, with coverage gained across key, targeted media outlets and which included a feature interview with HNA Chair Mr Chen Feng in global business news leader The Financial Times, distributed globally in print and online to ABC1 business readers, investors and strategic partners across the world.



Agency Partner

Ardmore Advertising
Belfast, United Kingdom

WE Marketing Group
Shanghai, China