Per Amore del Caffè


Project details

San Marco, hit brand from Segafredo Zanetti France for mass-merchandisers, stands at the fourth place on the premium coffee market and 1st place on Italians Premiums.

The brand trusted TVLowCost with the conception and direction of its new TV campaign based on modernity and the Italian promise : “Per Amore del Caffè”.

TVLowCost created the concept “Switch to coffee mode” to make the San Marco tasting unique.

Loving something requires getting fully into it, that’s why the new San Marco campaign is based on the “disconnection” concept.

On the same basis than switching to flight mode on a smartphone, the “coffee mode” leads coffee lovers to cut off from everything while they taste San Marco coffee.

This trendy concept relates to a society subject and makes us focus on what’s really important: having a great time with family and friends around a cup of coffee.

The campaign started on April, Monday 15th and is composed of two films, the first one introducing the “coffee mode” concept, the other one promoting the new biodegradable and compostable capsule.


San Marco

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Paris, France

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