Pyramid Hills – Campaign Case Study


Project details

Pyramid Hills is a residential complex just off Cairo/Alexandria Road. With less than 100 Villas, the compound sold all units within its first 3 years, mainly through word of mouth & existing clientele contacts. However in the Real Estate market, Pyramid Hills haven’t established a strong brand name & customers are not familiar with the complex.

Pyramid hills decided to launch a new phase selling townhouses and apartments; therefore they needed to introduce the new phase that targeted a new audience of younger generations with requirements of smaller units.


Pyramid Hills

Agency Partner

RMC | Worldwide Partners
Cairo, Egypt

Live Site


Create brand awareness for Pyramid Hills due to their minimal presence in the market.

Develop a campaign that is appealing to the younger target audience.


The umbrella concept “Vibrant Living” which represents PYRAMID HILLS new image for the second phase that will be based on the younger families which will bring so much life to the place.

The art direction “colorful & modern” To reach our target and to stand out from the competition.

Visual elements “illustrations” keeping the visuals abstract maintain the modern look and feel and also reaching directly to.