Solenis Rebranding


Project details

A sleek new brand for a long-respected leader.

Ashland Water Technologies was looking for a new name and a new brand to reflect their strong reputation for experience, technology and support. The result was Solenis, a sleek brand to represent a highly advanced team of problem-solvers. We carried that concept through a logo, a visual personality and a brand voice – all working together in a profoundly confident brand expression.


Ashland Water Technologies

Agency Partner

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


We introduced this “advanced team” with video, infographics and new social media profiles.
Our trade show booths feature clean visuals and minimal copy to maximize impact and face-to-face engagement opportunities. We engaged employees with the new brand through business cards, infographics and, of course, wine bottles. And we also directed a short, motion-graphic video to introduce Solenis to the world.


Customers connected with the team right away.
The brand’s launch was a success. In the first two weeks, Solenis accrued more than 600 followers on LinkedIn, and the introductory video received more than 1,000 views.