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Worldwide Partners, Inc. (WPI) is a global and diversified independent agency network engineered to solve the precise business challenges of today’s marketers and agencies. 


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“They say you can’t be all things to all people as an agency, but WPI gets us super close. With more than 80 partners, we can hyper-deliver on a client problem by coupling with complementary specialists.”

Libby Brockhoff, CEO
Odysseus Arms | USA
Ann-Louise Rosen, Co-CEO, Advance

"For me WPI is very much about network and sharing experiences. I always think we have such a strong network of great people coming together to share their challenges and discuss how we can solve them. That is unique and a huge inspiration for me."

Ann-Louise Rosen, Co-CEO
Advance | Denmark
Taunya Renson-Martin, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Mach Media

"Not only do our clients benefit from having us as a central point of contact, coordination and accountability to execute campaigns in their markets around the world, they also reap the benefits of insights, best practices and expertise across a range of services shared throughout our network of collaborative agencies."

Taunya Renson-Martin, CoFounder & Managing Partner
Mach Media | Belgium
Stephen Brown, CEO, FUSE Create

"Worldwide Partners provides FUSE Create with knowledge, perspective, community and access to global opportunities. It makes us a stronger, smarter and more relevant agency and has directly helped us build our agency to the next level of success."

Stephen Brown, CEO
FUSE Create | Canada
Vitor Barros, CEO, Propeg

"Being part of WPI gives our agency global scale. It not only makes us a global agency but also allows our team to exchange information and knowledge with partner agencies across the globe. This makes us more competitive in attracting best talent and pitching for business within Brazil, LATAM and the world."

Vitor Barros, CEO
Propeg | Brazil
Viveca Chan, Founder, WE Marketing Group

"WPI's value to clients is getting the attention of senior management of independents and providing benefits of the big network without the bureaucracy."

Viveca Chan, Founder
WE Marketing Group | China
Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, Founder, Consciously

"No one can have all the skills sets, all the time under one roof. Once you accept that, you understand that having worldclass talent at the click of a mouse is actually the better alternative. No we don't do media planning, research or sound design in house, we have some of the best media planning and reseach and sound design agencies in the world working on our behalf. THAT'S WPI magic."

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, Founder
Consciously | USA
John Harris

“Clients want direct access to top people working on their businesses. They want creative problem-solving without layers. And they want their growth to be the only incentive. We give them all of that, and more.”

John Harris, President & CEO
Worldwide Partners

80+ Agencies

40+ Countries

115 Offices

US $5B in Billings


Brands are looking to handpick marketing expertise by geography, industry vertical and capability to address precise business situations that drive growth. 

Independent agencies are looking to scale their geographic reach, capabilities and knowledge base to drive growth.

Worldwide Partners fills the essential gaps for both brands and agencies through a global and diversified independent network built for collaboration and impact.