The worldwide partners story

80 years of building brands
and building businesses

In 1938, a group of independent advertising agencies came together to learn from one another, to grow through one another, and to change the world.

More than 80 years later, Worldwide Partners represents a global network of more than 70 independent and diversified market services agencies in over 40 countries who support the world's most heralded brands across 90 industry verticals.

Unlike the traditional agency holding company model, Worldwide Partners does not own the agencies in our network. Our agencies own the network. Worldwide Partners agencies maintain their independence, remaining unencumbered by the restrictions of a parent company, while operating within an interdependent framework that cultivates a commitment to collaboration and accountability to deliver maximum business return for our clients.


WPI leadership team

The frontline at Worldwide Partners
John Harris

John Harris

President & CEO

As President and CEO, John is responsible for enabling each and every agency within the WPI network to grow and scale via global collaboration, and identifying new independent advertising and marketing agencies around the globe that fit the vision, spirit and passion of the WPI network.

Eve Riley

Eve Riley

Global Director of Partner Collaborations

As Global Director of Partner Collaboration, Eve’s key charge is facilitating relationship growth, teamwork and knowledge sharing among WPI’s independent agency partners. Eve also handles onboarding of new WPI partners, and assists in the event planning for Global Summits, regional meetups, and other speciality meetings.

Angie Pascale

Angie Pascale

Global Content Director

Angie manages social media and content, helping to build community among WPI independent agency partners through digital engagement, and the sharing of agency and industry news, information and education.

WPI Board of Directors