Worldwide Partners is a global network of the top independent marketing services agencies in the world who share an independent spirit and entrepreneurial drive to build commerce through connectivity, creativity and collaboration.

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Client: California Grown | Agency: The Shipyard

With over 80 agencies in more than 40 countries, and experience in over 90 industry verticals, Worldwide Partners serves as a hub that harnesses the talent, expertise and diversified capabilities of the agencies within our network to reimagine growth for both brands and agencies. 

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image of a man in the middle of a jump from the center of an asphalt road against a gray sky


Unlike the traditional agency holding company model, Worldwide Partners does not own the agencies in our network. Our agencies own the network. Worldwide Partners agencies maintain their independence, remaining unencumbered by the restrictions of a parent company.

The operational freedom our independent agencies enjoy better positions us to support the requirements of speed, agility and accountability – without sacrificing creativity, innovation and scale - that brand marketers are demanding from their agencies today.  


Worldwide Partners agencies have proudly served many of the world's most heralded brands across 90 industry verticals.

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Uniform global agencies and campaigns can’t answer the unique challenges of a personalised age where customers expect highly individual, culturally relevant, brand experiences. We can, and do, by turning locally rooted, independent specialists into a global, unified force with one agenda: our clients’ enduring success. 

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WPI Headquarters Team

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Flip the card
John Harris
President & CEO

As President and CEO, John is responsible for enabling each and every agency within the WPI network to grow and scale via global collaboration, and identifying new independent advertising and marketing agencies around the globe that fit the vision, spirit and passion of the WPI network.

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Eve Riley
Global Director of Partner Collaborations

As Global Director of Partner Collaboration, Eve’s key charge is facilitating relationship growth, teamwork and knowledge sharing among WPI’s independent agency partners. Eve also handles onboarding of new WPI partners, and assists in the event planning for Global Summits, regional meetups, and other speciality meetings.

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Angie Pascale
Global Content Director

As Global Content Director, Angie leads the WPI global content strategy to support all owned, earned and paid media activities, Partner conferences, workshops and events, and initiatives to increase Partner learnings and engagement. 

WPI Board of Directors

Fletcher Whitwell
R&R Partners | Las Vegas, NV, USA
Stephen Brown
Vice Chair
Fuse Create | Toronto, Canada
Mikael Rubinsson
Secretary & Treasurer
Blomquist | Stockholm, Sweden
Viveca Chan
Asia Pacific Board Director
WE Marketing Group | Shanghai, China
Ann-Louise Rosen
EMEA Board Director
Advance | Copenhagen, Denmark
Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe
EMEA Board Director
Wächter Worldwide Partners | Munich, Germany
Vitor Barros
Latin America Board Director
Propeg | Salvador, Brazil
Lori Bartle
North America Board Director
The Shipyard | Sacramento, CA, USA
Claude Auchu
Board Director North America
LG2 | Montreal, Canada
Dooley Tombras
North America Board Director
Tombras | Knoxville, TN, USA

WPI Next Gen Council

The WPI Next Gen Council is comprised of representatives from Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America and help to inform and develop the future of our network.

Aleena Mahzar
FUSE Create | Toronto, Canada
Ally O'Neill
Ardmore | Belfast, Northern Ireland
Erik Sederowsky
Blomquist | Stockholm, Sweden
Sheryl Thomson
Union Direct | Edinburgh, Scotland
Annika Keilhauer
Wächter Worldwide Partners | Munich, Germany
Alejandra Arce
Activamente | Mexico City, Mexico
Emily Bonsignore
The Shipyard | Sacramento, California, USA
Josh Albert
Godfrey | Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Philippe Goudreault
LG2 | Montreal, Canada
Yukun Bi
Hylink Digital | US/China