Dreams Are Going Global

Night Rainbow


Check out the stunning video created by China-based WE Marketing Group to launch the Dream 365 TV content hub for Visit California. The work features the famous Chinese singer Sun Nan and Olympic gold medalist Johnny Moseley.


WE Marketing Group’s managing director Kenny Wong explains, “WE created the Rainbow at Night story to make the global idea of the Visit California concept of Dream Big more relevant to the Chinese audience. The video combines an emotional story with beautiful visuals to showcase the Californian skiing experience in an innovative way.” Adds Wong, “Special thanks to our U.S. Worldwide Partners agency, MeringCarson for collaborating with us on the highly challenging production using the world’s top experts, and making our big dream come true.”

The concept uses a personal story of Sun Nan’s. As an avid snowboarder and loving father, Sun Nan encourages his kids to ski, seeing it as a sport that requires courage. In the spot, Sun leads a team of skiers in Lake Tahoe to create a rainbow at night to inspire his children that any dream can come true if you work hard to achieve it.

“When we were kids, we had a lot of unrealistic dreams…You can make it come true if you are brave enough” Sun Nan proclaims in the video. Positioning this video is a ‘gift’ for his children, Sun Nan calls home at the end of the ski run, “Hey kids, do you remember daddy told you before that rainbow can happen at night? We finally make it come true today!”

WE Marketing also created banner ads and redesigned the VCA official YouKu channel to host all the interesting video content ranging from California Dreamers Series, Dream Eater series, and Always in Season series.

Here’s how Marketing Interactive covered the story.

B2B’s Gold

slackGary Slack, Chief Experience Officer of the Chicago-headquartered, Slack and Company knows B2B, inside and out. And to listen to him talk, is to the get the inside story.

Which is just what happened recently when Slack gave the keynote address entitled, “The New Golden Age of B2B Marketing,” at the annual Plastic News Marketing Summit. What did the 100 mostly marketing execs from across the plastics industry find out?

Slack gave them the lowdown on new technology like paid social; content and both how to optimize and design for maximum impact; as well as more traditional channels. It sure sounds like it was a valuable session for attendees. In fact, it was so much so that The Plastic News published a lengthy article offering in-depth coverage of Slack’s address.

Lucky you, you can read all about it with a click here.


OBIE Part 2


Chemistryclub1Chemistry Club in San Francisco picked up a Silver OBIE award for their work on behalf of client Monterey Bay Aquarium. The award for Bait Ball Ballet Interactive Experience was honored at the recent awards ceremony.
Sure looks like Chemistry Club got that formula mixed just right.
Congratulations to all involved!

Promotion Plus

Take a place, add a festival and create a destination that becomes a full-on success. That is just what RMC Worldwide Partners did for Somabay.

With several day’s worth of events and activities engineered to appeal to everyone from tots, teens and tweens to the most sophisticated 20-somethings, RMC made the Back To Life Festival a super experience.

Beach parties. Activities. Fabulous food. Sports. Live music. Dancing. It was seaside fun in a sensational way, all handled by the capable people at RMC.

Nice. Very, very nice.





TED Knows Creative

Anyone who creates anything has hit a spot where the Muse is taking a break. Or where the spark of creativity, just doesn’t happen often enough or brightly enough to get a flame going. And maybe even if the spark happens, it just isn’t “creative” enough.

Now just in time to feed your mind, comes a post from HubSpot entitled “6 Inspiring TED Talks on Increasing Your Creativity.” Go ahead, hit the vending machine, put in your earbuds and take it all in.

This way to “6 Inspiring TED Talks on Increasing Your Creativity”.