Disruption by Social Deviant, Predictor & Old Guy


Big Picture

As a part of the unparalleled level of collaboration, this year’s World Meeting in Jamaica brought partners from around the globe together to learn and network. The meeting content was disruption as inspiration from the likes of a self-proclaimed social deviant, old guy and super human predictor, among others. It was collaboration in the form of the first ever Town Hall session where open discussion and candid dialogue led to realizations about just how much growth and creation the Worldwide Partners network can create inside the disruption model: a sense of new opportunities, new possibilities and a renewed sense of community.

The Heathcare, B2B and Nordic sub networks all met to work on ways to collaborate and work in tandem in their prospective areas.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear new President and CEO, John Harris who shared that the common theme he has encountered is that everyone wants the network to win. He laid out some of the opportunities he has identified. And the myriad of ways in which the collaboration of independent agencies offers clients major benefits. Addressing the future, John pointed to ways for Worldwide Partners to further assist each other even as the network continues to grow in numbers and capability.

The new Board of Directors and Chairs were announced, partner awards granted. And of course the usual networking between agencies that so often leads to business opportunities as well as friendships around the world.

Of course, there were also the speakers. Disrupting the status quo and giving their insights on the how-to and what-do to make it happen. If you somehow managed to miss the 2016 World Meeting in Jamaica, you really missed it. Lucky for you, we have you covered with our meeting products (*available to our partners only). Grab your gang and get watching for ways to get your brain in gear with the opportunity that disruptive inspiration offers you.


Prediction Power

If you thought that the author of five best-selling business books and presenter at two Tedx events was going to give you seven specific ways in which you could use current trends to win with clients, you would have brought everyone in the agency with you to hear the keynote address by Rohit Bhargava, Founder & CEO, Influential Marketing Group.

Straight up, Rohit spells out what is needed for innovation: curation. He explains it is the ultimate method of moving from noise to meaning. Then he proceeds to show you exactly how to do it, sharing his personal tools and techniques. His five habits of trend predictors give you guidelines for getting to the place where you can anticipate and capitalize on that anticipation.

For the 2016 Trends he has identified, Rohit took seven and specifically outlined them including examples as well as identifying what he calls the “steal-able idea.” For example, he notes that one current trend that has come out of the excessively internet-enabled products and services, is that some consumers opt for simpler, cheaper or more functional versions instead. One way to make this trend work for your clients, is to help them offer “strategic downgrading” to customers.

Be forewarned, the examples are good. And you just might want to watch this polished presenter more than once.

Partners can access his presentation here.

Mike Ferrier

Mike Takes Goliath

Who better to give the inside scoop on how to disrupt the multinationals than a man who made his career inside them. Ad professional Mike Ferrier provided some very specific food for thought in his session, “How to Disrupt the Multinational Agency Network.”

Identifying 11 points that need to be addressed for a successful disruption, Mike came up with suggestions for how to deal with the competitive or conflict of account problems that everyone encounters when dealing with global clients. He set out some thoughts on how to get the business and keep it that are uniquely suited to the Worldwide Partners network. (Like supplying a lead agency with ongoing local insights and regular updates that clients could never get any where else.)

He offered targeting strategies like going for orphan brands, and looking for the areas that the multinationals hate and making those the entry points on business. Mike provides clarity on just what makes the multinationals vulnerable to being disrupted by our independent agency network and plenty of the “how to” to make it happen.

Watch. Learn. Commit.

Social Devient

Deviant Disruption

If you take in the session by Marc Landsberg the founder of Social Deviant, you will find his message of disruption to be kind. Really kind. You see in addition to operating from the premise that “speed is the new black” Marc is out to prove that nice guys can win. He really wants to create the kindest company in the world.

With a run down of his agency and the business model they have created, Marc shares how they disrupt, build an agency and work with clients. Then he gives insight on content creation and how to own it. Yeah, really own it. (Spoiler alert: it is truth you will immediately recognize as truth.)

Then there are the Social Deviant guidelines. Things that translate to clients having direct access to anyone at the agency, having passionate teams dedicated to their business, getting their needs met—not just their briefs and making deadlines all the time.

Find out for yourself how we do what we do is as important as what we do.

Perfection Realized

At the Worldwide Partners 2016 World Meeting in Jamaica, 16 agencies won the special recognition of the Perfect Partner Award. A Perfect Partner is nominated and selected for this special honor as an acknowledgement of their commitment to the network and their partners around the globe. Responsive team players, these are the passionate and enthusiastic participants who demonstrate the highest level of integrity providing quality responses to partners needs. Progressive and innovative, these Worldwide Partners agencies are recognized as understanding and utilizing the network through collaboration, contributions and new business.

Congratulations to:

Asia Pacific Region Perfect Partners

Europe, Middle East, Africa Region Perfect Partners

Latin America Region Perfect Partners

North America Region Perfect Partners

Worldwide Partner agencies were also recognized with longevity awards, receiving the Partner For Life awards for ten years plus with the network:

Agencies who are celebrating more than ten years with the Worldwide Partners Network who were also recgonized include:

See more pictures from the event.

Norty Cohen

Participation Game

Norty Cohen, CEO & Founder, Moosylvania presented the juicy results of their latest millennial study and shared how they have become the millennial experts for their clients. In case you didn’t know, Moosylvania has been tracking leading brands and sharing the latest reports since 2008 and have just under 300 reports available through their website.

With Millenials at one-third of the labor force, they are bigger than Boomers or Gen X. Moosylvania gets the inside scoop on who they are, what they want, what’s going on inside them. And how to reach them.