Campaign US magazine called them the best agency you’ve never heard of. A Worldwide Partners network agency since 2012, we know you have heard of MeringCarson. In fact, you have probably met someone from the agency at a meeting and given them a hand with an assistance request.

When you read the full Campaign article, you will learn how the Sacramento-headquartered  agency got involved with the “Got Your Six” campaign. You will also get a look at the shop’s Emmy Award-winning Super Bowl ad for the NFL and see the 2016 work for The Islands of Tahiti.

According to CEO, Dave Mering, the agency researched several networks and were referred to Worldwide Partners by a member of The Visit California Commission. “After learning more about it, we felt most comfortable going with WPI for a variety of reasons: quality, longevity, geographic breadth and the organization itself,” he explained.

When questioned about what the agency has gotten out of being a partner, Dave said that the benefits had been tremendous. He mentioned finding great partners to work with and talked about being able to share ideas, make inquires and get both input and answers on how others deal with particular issues.

“Being a part of the network has played a huge role in giving us a broader global perspective,” Mering said. “As a part of the network I think we all feel more connected to our peers when dealing with new or complex issues. You don’t feel alone anymore.”

Mering believes that being a part of the network has played a role in the evolution of the agency—which along with their internal growth and evolution have played key roles in their maturation.

“When we recently had to defend/pitch a large piece of business we were able to engage multiple network partners to work with us on creative ideation – both domestically and globally,” Mering explains. “Through this collaboration, we were able to leverage the creative expertise and resources of four agencies but pitch it as one.”

See the latest work done in collaboration by partners MeringCarson and China-based WE Marketing Group.




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