Super Power Ink


At Pennsylvania-based Godfrey, experiments utilizing the superpowers of conductive ink are underway. The Worldwide Partners agency has proven that by presenting the familiar in a bold new way, they can create experiences just as compelling as Virtual Reality—and add even a bit more magic.

Godfrey is already utilizing VR to create an entirely unfamiliar experience as in their jaw-dropping work for client JLG at the 2016 Rental Show. But now, Andy Hunt, Executive Creative Director, Digital at Godfrey is putting ink to paper—with stunning results.

With a background in engineering, Andy spent two decades leading internal teams and clients into more inventive solutions that blend art, copy and code. As a test engineer for an electronics manufacturer, Andy wrote award-winning software for the communications industry and is patented for work with automotive networking. This experience has well translated into creating magical experiences for a variety of global clients. Bringing an R&D mentality to creative design, Andy is a passionate believer in how the thoughtful application of technology makes the work we do better. He seemed amused when it was suggested that he might be considered a mad-ad scientist.

Asked about how this new technology might be used for clients, Andy explained, “Primarily we see it used to great effect at trade shows and events. We are literally able to bring people into a booth at arm’s length and provide an unexpected experience. ‘Wow, I can touch this and something will happen?’ We’ve also talked about using it for things like at a visitor’s center or a lobby display, where a more permanent type of exhibit is needed.”

Andy got the inspiration for this project as a result of a presentation at SXSW about creating magical experiences with conductive ink shown as an example. “The idea that we can present the familiar in unfamiliar ways is very powerful,” Andy writes. “We continue to look at ways to create magic for our clients and our client’s clients.”

When asked about the ROI of using conductive ink Andy talked about the most immediate value calculation as probably being around lead generation and more specifically about the quality of leads being generated. “We think the engagement draw of conductive ink will encourage conversation and in turn, uncover more leads,” he explains.

When asked what else he might tell a potential client or agency with a client that wanted to bring this technology on board, he answered as we might expect from an innovator and creative director. “There are always new and unique ways to tell stories and create experiences. Don’t be afraid to look for them and try an experiment now and again,” Andy encourages.

Read Andy’s blog post: “We’re Experimenting With Conductive Ink”