Digital Transformation Part 2

Building on his 2014 research of digital transformation, principal analyst at Altimeter, Brian Solis, studied how companies are changing, and the challenges and opportunities they face while undergoing a digital transformation.

The report, “The 2016 State of Digital Transformation,” is based on insights and data from more than 500 digital strategists and executives.  It shares the latest facts and figures on the top drivers, challenges, and best practices of companies that are undergoing a digital transformation.

According to the report, the top three digital transformation initiatives at organizations today are, 1) accelerating innovation (81%); 2) modernized IT infrastructure with increased agility, flexibility, management, and security (80%); and 3) improving operational agility to more rapidly adapt to change (79%).

Brian Solis attended the Worldwide Partners independent agencies networking event at this years SXSW and talked about his book. See it here.