New Tech: Smart Sampling

When Worldwide Partners agency Activamente, in Mexico combined mobile marketing and product sampling, they created Nimanic, Smart Sampling.

Now Activamente is offering a free US-based pilot program exclusively to clients of Worldwide Partners agencies.

Meet Nimanic

Nimanic is a vending marketing startup that provides a network of connected vending machines to target consumers to receive free products using a digital action—tweet, ‘like’, etc., using their smartphones. Consumers see a label on the vending machine with instructions on how to download Nimanic’s mobile app. After registering, the consumer can take action and receive a free product sample right from the vending machine.

A Telecontroller inside the vending machine upgrades them to smart, cashless systems. While the Backoffice captures information about vendings and products and offers analytics, remote audits and real-time consumer management.

A brand simply creates a sampling campaign based on their target, activation dates and vending machine locations. After deciding on the activation action, the brand determines the consumer information collection desired. Samples are dispensed and the campaign continues with direct messages and promotions sent to consumers. Real time data collection and on-demand reports let marketers take control of every aspect of the campaign as it unfolds.

Smart sampling offers wide potential coverage, with more than six million vending machines in the US. (That’s about forty-times more machines than convenience stores.)

Activamente is already working with vending operators and brands in Mexico and large and small brands are expressing interest, including companies like Coca Cola and Kellogg’s. Activamente is also currently working with Pepsico vending.


The Specifics

The technology works with all kinds of vending machines. For the pilot tests, fast moving consumer goods (health, beauty, food) and promotional items (such as key chains, pens, thumb drives and other small items) that fit easily into the standard vending machine coils (from 1-3 in/2.5-8 cm deep, 2-4 in/5-8 cm wide and 5-10 in/12-20 cm high) will be ideal.

Refrigeration is available in most of the snack and cold beverage vending machines. Promotions can also be set up using hot beverage machines—where a coffee might be provided in exchange for some action, perhaps completing survey questions or socializing something for the brand.

Ways To Participate

For brands wanting to participate in a free pilot test, Nimanic will research and work with the needed vending operators on desired locations. Nimanic offers a huge range of possibilities for clients of Worldwide Partners agencies for both the current free pilot testing in the US as well as for additional pilots in other regions, and paid opportunities which generate commissions for agencies.

Test Pilot For Worldwide Partners Agencies

For any network members interested in a free test pilot of the Niamnic for a client, Activamente will be open to discuss the possibilities until November 11.  Timeline for the campaign start would be January 2017.  For more details or information on participaton, please contact Eve Riley,