For the second year, Aressy, our Worldwide Partners agency in Paris, co-organized the International Meeting of B2B Marketing, #RIM2016.

According to Iria Marquès of Arresy, nearly 400 attended the meeting, themed “Disruption To Go Global.” The impressive line-up of speakers included Gary Slack, CEO of Worldwide Partners agency, Slack & Company from Chicago. Gary dispelled the myth of B2B really meaning Boring to Boring, bringing humor and humanization into marketing plans.

Iria Marques, Deputy General Manager of Aressy, was part of a panel of six key marketing professionals who provided their personal take on disruption. Iria asserted that at the pick of the frenzied marketing automation trend, the first disruption factor remains the marketer.

The largest event for marketers of its kind, the meeting was a unique opportunity to discover the disruptive experiences of bold Start ups that are right away are deploying their business in foreign markets and making dramatic breakthroughs.

See the full event here. http://www.marketing-international-btob.com/