March 20, 2017

Welcome New UK Digital Partner, Oban International

Written By: Angie Pascale

A few Oban-ites: (left to right): Chloe Butterfill, International Resource Analyst; Chloe McKenna, Senior International Digital Strategist; Kezia Bibby, Head of Strategy; Xabi Izaguirre, Client Partner; Emily Mace, Head of SEO; Mark Garwell, Business Growth Director; and John Selwood, Business Development Director.

Worldwide Partners is pleased to welcome another new partner to our network, Oban International. Headquartered in Brighton, UK, Oban is an international media and marketing agency with more than 450 digital experts in 78 countries around the world. Oban is a great fit for our network–international reach has been their goal since they first opened in 2002. It’s in their DNA (and it’s in their name!).

Oban specializes in delivering localized paid search, SEO and digital content campaigns to every part of the world. They’re able to accomplish this by having a real understanding of local cultures and audiences through their digital experts that actually live, work and play in these communities. This network of specialists is called LIME (Local In Market Experts).

Oban’s client list is as diverse and far-reaching as LIME. They’ve developed successful digital campaigns for BBC, Camper, Sports Direct, Rapha, Ugg, AXA and Speedo. One of their more recent campaigns with the BBC earned them The Drum Dadi Award for Best use of Paid Media. They were tasked with promoting the BBC’s annual “BBC 100 Women” season of programming across 28 markets. The campaign exceeded its goals, reaching 25 million women, and driving 1.3 million website visits at a cost per click of £0.03p.

Get to know your new partner, Oban International.

Written By: Angie Pascale