May 25, 2017

Congratulations to all the Perfect Partner Award Winners

Written By: Angie Pascale

The Perfect Partner Awards were announced on the final night of the World Meeting in Taipei last month. These awards seek to highlight those partners that are progressive and innovative, have responded rapidly, turned over backwards to get the job done, worked as an extended arm of other agencies, and acted with the highest integrity throughout the entire process. In short, Perfect Partners represent the ideals of the network.

Following are the partners that demonstrated these traits throughout the year, earning them the highest award of recognition with WPI:


Activamente – Mexico

Activamente received a Perfect Partner Award for actively collaborating in partner new business and playing a strong supporting role in the B2B network Group.

Halsband – Costa Rica

Halsband was recognized for going the extra mile to develop close relationships with partners and their clients.


Ardmore Advertising – N. Ireland

Ardmore were recognized for their tremendous support to the partners in the network, bringing collaboration opportunities to the partners as well as John Keane’s service to the board of directors executive committee.

Aressy – France

Aressy received their award for taking over the role of managing the B2B group with innovative ideas and initiatives to move the group and organization forward, and for going the extra mile to consistently deliver on partner requests.

Moon – Germany

Moon received accolades for working closely with partners on joint collaboration and referring new business.

The Union – Scotland

The Union’s embodiment of the spirit of the network through professional, enthusiastic and unwavering support earned them a Perfect Partner Award.

Wächter & Wächter – Germany

A willingness to give 110% to assist partners and continual creativity and professionalism is what earned Wächter & Wächter their award.


TVLOWCOST was recognized for bringing new business opportunities to the network, always with high energy and innovative ideas.


WE Marketing Group – China

WE Marketing Group’s ambitious, business-focused, unwavering support for all partner needs is what set them apart.

LeBros – Vietnam

LeBros was recognized for their continual support of all partner needs and requests and Vinh’s service on the board.

The A Team – Taiwan

The A Team received a Perfect Partner Award for going above and beyond to plan the World Meeting and their continued support of all partner need.



BSSP’s award was given for remaining innovative, progressive and creative, and always willing and able to support, mentor and assist any partner.

Godfrey – USA

Extensive use of the network, massive support to the B2B group, collaboration with partners for new business and Russ’s service to the board are all reasons Godfrey was recognized.

Juice Pharma – USA

Juice received a Perfect Partner Award for bringing new business opportunities to the partners and their continued leadership in the healthcare group.

Mintz & Hoke – USA

Mintz & Hoke was recognized for their unwavering support for all partner requests, and Mary’s selfless commitment to the board and organization.

R&R Partners – USA

Bringing new business opportunities to the partners, strong initiative in pitching the network,   continual support and responsiveness to all partner requests, and partner mentoring are what earned R&R their Perfect Partner.

Slack & Company – USA

Slack & Company was recognized for bringing new business opportunities to the partners, mentoring other partners and being responsive to all requests, as well as Gary’s support of the B2B group and Gayle’s service on the board.

Wasserman + Partners – Canada

Wasserman received their award for being responsive, professional and supportive of client business.

Congratulations to all the partners that took home awards! Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for growing our network and leading the advertising industry!

Written By: Angie Pascale

May 20 2019

Celebrating Creativity with Worldwide Partners Impact Awards

The WPI Impact Awards is a global competition designed to recognize creativity and effectiveness of WPI Agency Partner campaigns. The awards were decided on by a Global Panel of judges from with in industry, with six award categories reflecting the core industry verticals in which our clients compete--B2B, Travel and Tourism, Ecommerce, CPG, Lifestyle and Healthcare.

Written By: Angie Pascale

May 20 2019

Creativity is Not Dead, But It Is Changing

Last month, our agency partners gathered for a Global Summit in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles, CA to discuss how creativity is evolving our world and creating a Currency of Ideas. Throughout the three day event, attendees and speakers touched on everything from new processes of ideation, how to draw out creative ideas and what’s at stake for brands and agencies if they’re unable to embrace this new culture. Several key themes arose during the conference.

Written By: Angie Pascale