Welcome Partner Velvet Media

Worldwide Partners is pleased to welcome Velvet Media to the network! Velvet Media is an integrated independent marketing agency specializing in marketing management, web marketing and new media.

Velvet Media’s advertising philosophy is driven by the mantra “Do It Rock ‘n’ Roll,” referring to the young and free spirit and intrinsic confidence of rock music. This rock ‘n’ roll energy courses through each of their specialized departments, providing comradery, coordination and collaboration that allows them to offer a 360 degree turn key solution to every client.

Velvet Media is proud to work with some amazing clients in Italy and around the globe, including Burger King Italia, McDonald’s, Porsche, Antonio Cairoli (9 times motocross World Champion) and OpenDream, an incredible project of urban renewal in Treviso area. The OpenDream project has been extremely satisfying for Velvet so far. Through a combination of event planning, social media and press office management, they have seen great success with OpenDream’s first event.

Velvet Media is headquartered in the small Italian city, Castelfranco Veneto, surrounded by the delicate Venetian countryside. This location offers a quiet serenity to inspire creativity, and close proximity to any city center in the Veneto region. Velvet has three other offices in Italian cities–romantic Venice, summertime favorite Jesolo and mountainous Trento. Velvet also recently established two international offices–one in Denver, Colorado, USA to tap into the growing design and architectural market and another in Bangkok, Thailand due to the major growth of digital there. A few other international locations are in the works as well!

Velvet joined WPI back in March, and has been actively participating and collaborating with other partners since day one!  The WPI team had the pleasure of visiting Velvet Media’s headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto in May.

Learn more about your rock ‘n’ roll partner, Velvet Media!