Welcome New Partner relativ!

Worldwide Partners is excited to welcome another new partner to the network, Relativ! Based in Tokyo, Japan, Relativ is a marketing consultancy agency specializing in building sustainable relationships between brands and consumers.

relativ believes that every successful relationship–whether it’s between parent and child, two friends, or a business and their customer–is built around common interests and aligned against common goals. By focusing first on the customers’ needs, and then aligning client interests and goals around these needs, relativ is able to drive success through closer connections and personal value.

relativ’s capabilities include research and strategy, data science, experience design and project management. relativ has also developed a proprietary tool for measuring consumer connection–The Brand Relationship Score–allowing them to quantify and forecast the strength of the relationship between brand and consumer, identify risks relative to the competition, and understand what factors are driving the connection. They then use the Brand Relationships Score to develop media and acquisition strategies based on competitor vulnerabilities, and develop marketing and messaging strategies based on strengths and weaknesses of the relationship.

Learn more about your new partner, relativ!