May 8, 2018

Welcome New Partner T2O Media

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is pleased to welcome a new partner to the network–T2O media. Founded in 2004, T2O media is a digital media agency that designs and manages marketing and communications strategies with a results-oriented approach. T2O is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and has offices in four other cities around the world–Mexico City in Mexico, Milan and Trento in Italy, and Houston, Texas in the United States. With coverage in EMEA, LATAM and North America, T2O is able to manage marketing and communication strategies that reach the entire world, 24 hours a day, 365 hours a year.

Their name says a great deal about their advertising philosophy–T2O stands for “Time to Optimize” and for T2O that time is always now! They believe in the need for a global strategic vision connected to an excellent execution, where all communication and publicity actions are oriented to generate measurable results for the brand and the business. They do this by positioning technology at the core of every campaign, with the objective of unifying all available data, which helps them to interpret and activate in an intelligent way, establish a personalized communication between the brand and consumers, and increase marketing efficacy. On top of the technology they layer paid, owned and earned media strategies to address the ever-changing challenges their clients are facing, to continually learn from their customers and to ultimately help them stand out.

T2O media is a multi-disciplinary brand, with especially strong work in Finance and Insurance, Education and Travel sectors. It’s in this latter sector–Travel and Tourism–where they’ve marked a clear line in advanced management of media with integration of the latest technology solutions. A recent campaign for Barceló Hotel Group is a shining example, and one that was selected as Best of the Year by IPMARK Magazine, one of Spain’s leading companies.

For Barceló Hotel Group, T2O was tasked with improving the effectiveness of their advertising investment. To achieve this goal, T2O developed a strategy with data-driven creative to impact a highly-qualified audience through personalized messages. Using precision marketing, programmatic segmentation, advanced retargeting and DoubleClick technology, they were able to reach only those consumers most likely to convert, increasing Barceló’s bookings 26% and reducing costs by 38%.

T2O is excited to be part of WPI to tap into a network of absolute guarantees, proven capabilities and differential skills to complement their own own.

“In an industry that evolves so quickly and in which the concept “Think Global, Act Local” reigns, it is essential to have a network of local partners around the world,” says Óscar Alonso, CEO and Co-Founder of T2O . “ In this sense, we are very proud to join Worldwide Partners, one of the most powerful international networks, which brings together some of the main Independent Marketing and Advertising Agencies of more than 40 countries. T2O media will bring its knowledge of the Latin market of Southern Europe, Latin America and North America, and thanks to this union, we will be able to easier reach a global vision and deeper insights about what happens in other markets.”

Learn more about your new partner, T2O media!

Written By: Angie Pascale