June 21, 2018

Partners Moon & Focus Advertising Collaborate on Saudi National Soccer Team Camping for the World Cup

Written By: Angie Pascale

WPI Partner Focusadvertising in Saudi Arabia collaborated with WPI Partner Moon in Düsseldorf, to create a promotional video for the Saudi National Soccer team, for The World Cup. The Saudi National Soccer Team was playing a promotional match in Germany against the German National Team on June 8, 2018 before heading out to Russia on June 9 from Köln airport.

Saudia Airlines is one of the major sponsors of the Saudi National Soccer Team and has branded a plane in their fleet to carry the Team across the world to participate in The World Cup. Focusadvertising asked partner Moon to document their departure from Cologne airport to create a promotional video for their social media campaign for Saudia Airlines.

Moon handled all local logistics, including permitting, working with local authorities to set up the shoot at Köln airport. When the National Soccer Team arrived at the airport in the afternoon of June 9, two cameramen and two photographers were waiting and ready to produce emotional and lively images.

Scenes with the Saudi soccer team, their management, the cabin crew from the sponsor and even the vice-consul of Saudi Arabia were captured.  Additionally, the team installed two GoPro cameras on board to make use of the scenes from inside the cockpit as well as the cabin later.

With a tight deadline, images and video clips were selected in real time and approved.  In 24 hours the first video was cut, edited and delivered. 

Within two hours Saudi Air’s twitter account posted photos from the shoot and within 6 hours after the National Team departure from Köln the final edited video was posted across their social channels.

As soon as the GoPro footage arrived in Riyadh on the return flight from Russia, Focusadvertising sent the footage to Moon; who then cut, edited and produced a second promotional video within 12 hours which was delivered to Focusadvertising to post on their clients social media channels. 

A perfect example of how two independent agency partners in the network work closely hand in hand to provide agile and professional results for their clients. Saudia Airlines were amazed with the quality and speed of our network partners performing together.

Written By: Angie Pascale