September 4, 2018

Welcome New Partner PM3!

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is excited to welcome another new partner to the WPI network, PM3! PM3 is a multicultural ad agency with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Bogotá, Colombia.

PM3’s core focus and strength is connecting brands with U.S. Hispanics, yet what really sets them apart can be found in their name. The PM in PM3 stands for “plural minds,” bringing together diverse backgrounds and different problem-solving approaches to find the best solutions for their clients. The 3alludes to the three basic human emotions–thinking, feeling, and wanting–that must be sparked with their solutions. “Together, PM3 represents our combined, yet unique ability to captivate our audiences’ emotions through powerful insights and executions,” says Eduardo Perez, Partner at PM3.

PM3 is rooted in the philosophy that pinpointing the right emotion creates loyal customers. And while several things are unique to the U.S. Hispanic market–culture, language, demographics, consumers trends, preferences–appealing to basic human emotions will always stand the test of time, no matter how advanced the technologies, platforms or devices.

Several big-name brands have leveraged PM3 to reach the U.S. Hispanic market, including NAPA Auto Parts, Cox Communication, Georgia Lottery, Comcast, and the American Cancer Society. Their decade-long work with Cox Communications has been particularly impactful for the brand, helping them outperform the general market three to one, doubling their Latino Pak signups from 2016 to 2101 and surpassing KPIs in 2017 with a 360

PM3’s outstanding results, plural minds and unique approach have recently earned them accolades in Ad Age’s annual Hispanic Fact Pack, where they were ranked as the 13th largest U.S. Hispanic ad agency, and 5th largest independent agency.

Learn more about your new partner, PM3.

Written By: Angie Pascale