January 27, 2020

Welcome New Partner Proboston

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is thrilled to welcome another new agency partner to the network, Proboston Agency! Proboston is a full-service creative agency based in Prague, Czech Republic, with offices in Bratislava, Slovakia . 

For more than a decade, Proboston has been delivering complete 360 degree campaigns encompassing everything from TV commercials and Google Ad campaigns to brand building and enterprise portal solutions. No matter how big or small, Proboston approaches each initiative by pinpointing the underlying challenges, identifying the right strategies and channels, developing creative campaigns that work, and ensuring everyone is happy while doing it.

A recent campaign that made the client, Proboston staff and consumers happy was a repositioning campaign for Equa Bank. The campaign leveraged a beloved national pastime in the Czech Republic--fairy tales. In fairy tales, every problem has a quick and effective solution. Proboston wanted to show that Equa bank is like a fairy tale in real life--no matter what the customer problem, Equa can solve it fast like magic. Proboston developed the creative concept, and ran a long-term marketing campaign across numerous channels leveraging Actor Roman Vojtek as the spokesperson. Today, Equa Bank is one of the top 3 most recognized banking brands in the world, according to a KPMG study.

Proboston has made a good name for themselves in the Financial Services industry, working with ING Bank along with Equa. They also have experience in Telecommunications with T-Mobile Czech & Slovakia, CPG with Jupík, ecommerce with ALO Diamonds, and many more. 

They consider themselves fortunate to call Czech Republic home for several reasons. Not only are they able to draw inspiration from Prague’s great variety of architecture, art and talented citizens, but the country is often used as a test market for multinational companies thanks to the strategic location and market size. This testing ground often means brands are more open-minded to new and innovative ideas, allowing Proboston to do what they do best--develop clever solutions to unique challenges.

As the newest member of the WPI, Proboston is looking forward to the knowledge sharing, inspiration and local insights that come with being part of a global independent agency network. “Being part of WPI also gives us a great competitive advantage on the Czech & Slovak market,” says Filip Libal, CEO at Proboston. 

Learn more about your new partner Proboston and be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Written By: Angie Pascale