July 13, 2020

Welcome New Partner Ammunition

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is excited to welcome another new agency partner to the network, Ammunition. Ammunition is an independent full service agency building brands that build the world. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Ammunition are experts in demand generation and lead management, focused on home & building products, medical device manufacturers, higher education, and financial services. 

“It’s complicated” is the typical relationship status between Ammunition and their clients. But that’s how they like it. Complicated verticals. Complicated brands. Complicated sales cycles. The challenges facing Ammunition’ clients require intricate and innovative ideas, planning and execution to drive demand in B2C environments, education in B2B environments, and manage what are typically long-term 6-24 month sales and conversion processes from the initial point of awareness through to a transaction.

Ammunition reveled in the complexity that Reliance Worldwide Corporation, a global provider of water control systems and plumbing solutions,  brought when they tasked the agency with breathing new life into their Sharkbite brand. Ammunition developed an all-new creative look, created an engaging new social media strategy, built a robust marketing automation and CRM program, and introduced new acquisition John Guest to the United States. In a single month, Ammunition secured nearly two million impressions, more than 19,000 landing page pageviews, and 364 form submission, and just 60 days later, they’d increased social media engagement 1,437% and increased social followers 93%. It may have been complicated, but they sure make it seem easy! 

While 2020 has presented numerous challenges to brands and marketers around the global, Ammunition has seen something powerful emerge--the fundamental need for digital transformation for each brand and category they serve. Ammunition has seen this in high ed where brands must be prepared for online learning and leverage this unique moment to enhance the lives of their students. In builder brands, which must learn to cultivate leads in a virtual environment and enable contractors to better sell remotely. And in financial services, that must use tech to make banking more convenient and provide the financial reassurance that all people need now. “Technology is a game-changer and those that may have been slow to adapt are learning to adapt overnight to keep up,” Ammunition Founder, President + CEO Jeremy Heilpern shared.

Ammunition team members enjoying some eats together, back when it was safe to do so.

Ammunition is eager to immerse themselves in the Worldwide Partners global network of independent agencies--to start working with and learning from other partners around the world. “We’re excited by the spirit of camaraderie, the collaboration, and the ability to work alongside partners that we believe we can support and that can support us as we continue to scale our agency,” Jeremy shared. 

Learn more about your new partner Ammunition and be sure to connect with them on InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter!

Written By: Angie Pascale