March 19, 2021

Worldwide Partners Welcomes New Independent Agency Partner Dragonfish to the Network

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is excited to welcome another new agency partner to the global network of independent agencies, Dragonfish. Dragonfish is a culture and performance consultancy based in Southampton, U.K.

Dragonfish was born from sister agency Five by Five, which also recently joined Worldwide Partners. Seeing a growing need to provide a more comprehensive offering to advise brands on organizational culture, Five by Five’s employer branding services evolved into Dragonfish’s full-service culture capabilities, helping to unite stakeholders across an organization and make work more meaningful. 

“We maintain Five by Five’s ‘Strength & Clarity’ philosophy and have adapted a slightly different approach based on culture,” said Niall Cluley, Managing Director of Dragonfish. “We believe that sustainable brand growth comes from building stronger brands from the inside out. We believe that culture can be shaped, managed, and measured. It’s the ultimate weapon for competitive advantage.” 

Dragonfish’s capabilities have never been more relevant. In the wake of the pandemic, global uncertainties and political and social issues, brands are being forced to think about their brand purpose, to build it into their culture and to truly enact change. “The pandemic has thrown a massive spotlight on culture right now,” said Cluley. “Leaders are under more pressure to make the right organizational changes.”

To help brands determine which changes are right for them, Dragonfish uses inclusive research approaches, an evidence-based practice, and healthy pragmatism. Each year they conduct a benchmarking study with 3,500 organizations across 20 sectors to link culture attributes to performance.  Using their proprietary research and industry benchmarking data, they’ve developed a culture and performance tracking tool, which measures successful culture transformation, ROI tracking and predictive performance improvement decision making. “We have a unique set of capabilities to help ambitious brands move faster and scale up quickly, making culture their competitive edge,” Cluley shared. 

Dragonfish recently provided this competitive advantage to the iconic Savoy Hotel in London. Facing increased competition in the luxury hospitality sector, and challenged by COVID regulations, the hotel needed to develop a new vision that would transform the guest experience. By diving into perceptions from management, analysing insights from guests and colleagues, studying market trends, and hosting workshops with key stakeholders, Dragonfish was able to develop a new vision and roadmap that will shape the hotel’s focus over the next three to five years, and helped them to reopen successfully and adapt to the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Dragonfish, along with Five by Five, is part of Lawton Communications Group (LCG), an independent, family-owned communications group employing 100 people across their agencies and offices. All agencies within the group are looking forward to the benefits that being part of the WPI network will bring. “The WPI network provides exposure to new and different markets, the ability to learn and share experiences, and to understand how a culture consultancy can help and be translated across multiple Cultures globally,” said Cluley. 

Learn more about the new WPI partner agency Dragonfish and be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written By: Angie Pascale