February 21, 2022

Vivactis Group Launches New Virtual Experience for Healthcare Education

Written By: Angie Pascale

New Worldwide Partners independent agency Vivactis Group has launched a virtual immersive experience dedicated to healthcare professionals–Vivactis Health Square–which provides an innovative eLearning solution for continuous medical education. 

Innovative Platform to Improve Healthcare Learning

The virtual 3D gamification platform is designed as a medical environment where participants can treat clinical cases in a virtual environment, creating a fun and engaging experience that challenges participants and improves learning outcomes. 

Clinical cases are made of several steps, such as theoretical questions and decisions regarding tests to run, treatments prescribed or specific medical information to look for, which will help participants make their final diagnosis. Participants can treat patients as individuals or on a team, and are able to join virtual meetings for discussion and debriefing after their sessions. 

Additionally, a virtual auditorium is included, where experts and Key Opinion Leaders can host sessions or lectures for all participants. This area can also be gamified, only available to participants that have completed their patient cases.

Fully Customizable eLearning Healthcare Solution

VIvactis Health Square is fully customizable, allowing organizers to create the experience of their choice by utilizing a combination of different units, modules, medical equipment, medical staff, and patient profiles. 

Organizers can choose from existing units, or create their own according to unique needs. This allows organizers to present near innumerable patient cases and gives participants the opportunity to learn “by doing” in a fully-equipped, real-world-like situation.  

To create extra challenges in the healthcare gaming platform, a time limit can be set, forcing participants to solve against the clock with extra time awarded for answering questions along the way. The virtual platform is multi-lingual, supporting participants in English, French, and Dutch.

Powerful Gamification and Analytics Elements

The eLearning console allows attendees to see an overview of their progress throughout the medical learning game, including time left, score and ranking, an overview of steps taken, clues to help participant progress, and more. The participant can download a certificate of participation as well.

The administrators of the program are provided with a complete and accurate overview of analytics for their unique program. Data includes registration, time used by each user, steps completed, and more. 

To learn more about Vivactis Health Square and sign up to build your own healthcare eLearning experience, visit their website: https://healthsquare.hyperfairplus.com/

Written By: Angie Pascale