AUG 03, 2022

Worldwide Partners Welcomes New Board of Directors

This month marks the beginning of a new term for the Worldwide Partners (WPI) Board of Directors. This group works tirelessly on behalf of our 70+ agency partners to set the goals and strategies for our network, ensuring that WPI is consistently delivering value for our agencies and the clients they serve. 

The new board will have some new faces as well as several board members continuing for a second term. The new WPI Board of Directors includes: Fletcher Whitwell, Chief Media & Publishing Officer of R&R Partners (US) as Chair, Stephen Brown, CEO of Fuse Create (Canada) as Vice-Chair, Mikael Rubinsson, CEO of Blomquist (Sweden) as Treasurer/Secretary, Viveca Chan, CEO of WE Marketing (China) as Asia Pacific Director, Ann-Louise Rosen, Co-CEO of Advance (Denmark) and Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe, CEO of Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners as EMEA Directors, Vitor Barros, CEO of Propeg (Brazil) as Latin America Director, and Lori Bartle, CMO of The Shipyard (US), Claude Auchu, CEO of lg2 (Canada), and Dooley Tombras, President of Tombras (US) as North America Directors. 

Worldwide Partners Board of Directors FY 2023

In addition to welcoming this new board, we would like to express our utmost appreciation and admiration for two Board members whose terms recently ended: Ian McAteer, Chairman of The Union (Scotland), and John Keane, CEO of Ardmore (Northern Ireland). Ian served as EMEA Director and has been a powerful voice for the region since joining WPI more than 20 years ago. Over the last five years, John has served as Vice Chair, Chair, and most recently as Chair Emeritus. John’s leadership is evidenced in the growth and evolution of our network, and his unwavering commitment to WPI has set the standard to be admired and aspired.

Please join us in expressing our most sincere gratitude for the past and ongoing service of each of these Partners. We look forward to all of the learning, growth and collaboration that this new Board will bring to the network, our agencies and our clients.

Written By:
Angie Pascale