APR 11, 2023

Coegi Joins Worldwide Partners Independent Agency Network


Coegi has recently joined the Worldwide Partners (WPI) global network of independent agencies. Coegi is a digital media and marketing company for global, national, and regional brands and agencies. The agency is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with offices in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Columbia, Missouri. 

Coegi was an early adopter of automated media technology, launching its business in the infancy of programmatic advertising in 2014. They leverage technology and platforms to serve their clients and deliver results. Yet, they know that tech and tools will never replace one key element of marketing-–authentic human connections. 

“No data tool, AI bot or VR experience can match the power of human-to-human connection,” says Ryan Green, VP of Marketing and Innovation. “Our job will always be to enable brands to share their message, make authentic audience connections, and do so with efficiency through strategic, flexible media.”

This approach has allowed Coegi to secure 60% growth across its portfolio over the last two years, helped them make AdWeek’s list of Fastest Growing Agencies twice, and led to successful campaigns with major brands, including Moderna, Bread & Butter Wines and the Center for Disease Control. 

Fueling Digital Transformation Through Modern Media Activations

Coegi’s mission is to fuel digital transformation by creating flexible, data-driven media strategies that drive business results. Their award-winning team of data scientists, business strategists and seasoned industry experts create an ecosystem of marketing touch points around key audience communities, allowing brands to reach their customers anywhere they consume media throughout their journey.

“The key to success is bringing content and paid media under the same strategic umbrella,” Ryan shared. “This is how brands can keep from drowning under the weight of the shifting privacy landscape in 2023.”

Measurement is the Compass Guiding Marketing Success

Talk to any digital agency and the majority will tell you they start every campaign with research and audience building and end with measurement and optimization. But Coegi isn’t just any digital agency. Yes, they end every campaign with measurement. But, they also start every campaign with it since it’s the defining point of success and alignment. 

“Measurement is the core of every strategy, because we are dedicated to delivering more than just efficient campaigns on the platform level,” said Coegi’s President and Founder, Sean Cotton. “We’re focused on providing customized holistic strategies with a foundation of testing and learning to drive continuous growth toward incremental revenue and market share.” 

This book-ended measurement approach has been applied throughout their partnership with Bread & Butter Wines. Their team was tasked with creating an integrated marketing strategy that would drive brand awareness through emotional connection and move the brand into the selection set from target consumers. 

Since then, Coegi has leveraged IRi sales data and matched market tests, brand lift studies, and partnerships with Catalina to evaluate effectiveness of its media with micro-targeted wine buyer personas. They paired this approach to measurement efficient channels that allowed them to balance brand-building tactics with lower-funnel ROAS goals. This comprehensive approach resulted in a 10.6% lift in ad recall lift, 9.1% lift in purchase intent lift, 621% increase in site traffic and whopping 4x ROAS on Instacart.

Coastal U.S. Agency Outputs, Midwestern Values

In today’s distributed work environment, an agency’s location doesn’t matter as much as it used to. Yet, the belief that coastal agencies are the most innovative and effective is deep-rooted for some brands. Coegi is looking to change that narrative, priding themselves on delivering work at the caliber of holding companies with the innovation outlook that is often missed by their hard guardrails. Coegi embraces the Midwestern values of being hardworking and scrappy, while treating everyone with courtesy, kindness, and respect. 

“St. Louis embodies these blue collar qualities, ones that brands recognize in their strongest agency partners,” says Sean. “We love being located in the heart of America and taking advantage of the rich cultural history in arts and music, home of Cardinals baseball, Blues hockey and a brand new MLS team - there is never a shortage of things to do or places to find inspiration.” 

Coegi’s second largest office is located in Columbia, MO, home of the state’s flagship public higher education institution, the University of Missouri, which has the nation’s top journalism and strategic communications school. “This gives us close access to the outstanding talent pool emerging from UM. Many of our staff members, even across other office locations, are UM alumni and always enjoy coming home to visit Columbia,” Sean added. 

“We are excited to be a WPI partner because it offers a network of highly-qualified and forward-thinking agencies we can connect and collaborate with to bring together the end-to-end capabilities needed to win the business and support digital transformation of leading brands,” said Sean.

“Coegi’s ability to strategize and execute modern media activations at scale is unmatched,” says John Harris, President and CEO of Worldwide Partners. “We are thrilled to add their digital marketing expertise and presence to our global network of more than 80 independent agencies.”

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Written By:
Angie Pascale