APR 28, 2023

Worldwide Partners Announces Winners of 2023 Impact Awards for Creativity


Worldwide Partners (WPI), one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of independent agencies, has announced the winners of their 2023 Impact Awards. The Impact Awards recognize the creativity, innovation, and effectiveness of campaigns by WPI independent agency partners around the globe. 

The awards were judged by a global panel of industry experts within six award categories – B2B, B2C, Pharma and Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Social Good and Purpose, and Tech Innovation. The Tech Innovation is a new category in 2023, celebrating work in the areas of gaming, web3, augmented reality, virtual reality and product development. A Best in Show Award was also selected from all of the submitted work.  

The Impact Awards were given out at Re:Connect, our Global Summit in Montreal, Canada. The awards ceremony was sponsored by Getty Images and Invisibly, and held at Cirque Eloise, a unique venue that paralleled the creativity and artistry of the nominated work.  

Following are the Impact Awards winners for each category:

Travel & Tourism Category and BEST IN SHOW

Worldwide Partners Impact Awards - FUSE Create

Winning Agency: FUSE Create

Location: Toronto, Canada

Client: Hilton

Campaign: Hilton on the Green

Hilton signed a multi-year deal to become Golf Canada’s official hotel partner in November 2019. THen the pandemic happened, limiting Hilton’s access to the tournament and its fans. After a 2-year hiatus, Hilton needed to remind travelers that it wasn’t just a hotel chain; that it had the best stays in the world. Enter “Hilton on the Green.”

FUSE Create created a first-of-its-kind, one-bedroom pop-up hotel, right on a PGA tournament course, featuring luxurious amenities from across all 18 Hilton brands, plus a personal concierge, golf cart, and gourmet meals. The 200 square foot hotel first appeared at the 2022 RBC Canadian Open in Toronto, then at the 2022 CP Women’s Open in Ottawa. A nation contest, digitally supported, awarded six lucky golf fans the stay of the lifetime, while PR, social media and an influencer campaign drove awareness.

“Hilton on the Green” earned close to half a billion media impressions, gained millions of engagements, and garnered interest from around the world; all adding up to Hilton Canada’s most talked-about activation ever, and a stay to remember for those six lucky guests.


B2C Category 

Worldwide Partners Impact Awards - Rosbeef!

Winning Agency: Rosbeef!

Location: Paris, France

Client: adidas

Campaign: Run for the Oceans

In 2022, more than 100 million tons of plastic are in nature. To act against this pollution, adidas and Parley launched their "Run for the Oceans" challenge. It consisted of collecting one plastic bottle while doing ten minutes of sport.

But adidas encountered a problem with this challenge: Roland Garros, the biggest sport event in France, captured all the attention. And adidas was not a partner. So how does adidas intend to put Run For the Oceans back in the game?

They decided to relaunch the challenge with a new project: the first tennis court under the ocean. Rosbeef! was tasked with creating the immersive experience, which involved 125 hours of 3D digital modeling and animating of underwater species, as well as sound design to deliver a realistic experience.

With an oceanographer committed to ecology, this court has hosted several professionals such as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Maria Sakkari.


B2B Category

Winning Agency: Proof Advertising

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Client: TTI, Inc

Campaign: The Human Component

Owned by Berkshire Hathaway, TTI is an electronics distributor with the widest range of products, serving vertical industries globally.  A brand audit revealed a point of constriction: in a category where all competitors tout their inventory, TTI is consistently recognized for their end-to-end customer experience but wasn’t including that fact in their messaging. Proof Advertising’s campaign highlighted the brand’s potential to be a smart, driven partner invested in each customer’s business.

The campaign included a few key elements: 

Portrait Generator - to reinforce the idea that personal service matters, this interactive app allows customers to upload their own photo and generate a portrait made entirely of electronic components. 

Think TTI Sweepstakes - Proof launched a social sweepstakes on LinkedIn  and equipped their sales team to be social sellers. More than 200 TTI Specialists posting on LinkedIn helped to increase mentions of the brand by 4x, resulting in a 65% increase in followers and 3.5x increase in page engagement. 

Brand Videos - Actual electronic components were used to create the set, characters and props for a series of videos that not only showcased the brand’s products, but also, and more importantly, highlighted the humans behind those products and their tireless efforts to get the right components to the right place at the right time. 


Healthcare Category

Worldwide Partners Impact Awards - Five by Five

Winning Agency: Five by Five

Location: United Kingdom

Client: CooperVision

Campaign: Equality for Eyes

When CooperVision asked Five by Five to create a new platform for their Biofinity brand, the independent agency wanted a more emotive approach and an idea that would enable a dramatically different look and feel – creating a step change from the claims-based propositions and lifestyle imagery typically used by contact lens brands.

Because Biofinity fits 99.6% of all prescriptions, it improves more people’s vision than any other contact lens. This universal reach enabled Five by Five to develop a purpose-led marketing strategy, partnering with Optometry Giving Sight who provide sustainable eyecare solutions for under-served communities all over the world. The campaign included assets for both B2B and B2C audiences, with powerful imagery and content that was radically different for the sector right across EMEA.

You don’t need a prescription to see the results: In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the campaign expanded market share from 49% to 50.5%, followed by US$ 4 million additional revenue and 13.5%  sales increase compared to the previous year.

WPI Impact Awards - Coopervision - Five by Five

Social Good Category

Worldwide Partners Impact Awards - The Beyond Collective

Winning Agency: The Beyond Collective

Location: United Kingdom

Client: Shelter

Campaign: No More Unhelpful Hacks

The Beyond Collective’s campaign for Shelter addresses how the unaffordable cost of housing is putting people at risk of homelessness.

The campaign mocks unhelpful cost of living hacks such as “Just work more hours,” “Put ‘another’ jumper on,” “Reuse your old teabags,” and “Cancel your Netflix account,” and gives an alternative solution: that the government take responsibility for the crisis and make housing more affordable. The campaign ran across outdoor, social media, contextual posts on sites like Reddit and an editorial partnership with Vice.

The campaign was based on research that revealed nearly 1.1 million private renters in England experienced rent increases, and the influx of emergency calls to Shelter’s helpline from people struggling to afford their rent.

Tech Innovations Category

Worldwide Partners Impact Awards - LG2

Winning Agency: LG2

Location: Montreal, Canada

Client: Hydro-Quebec

Campaign: Hydro Express

Transforming a gondola lift into a canvas for the natural elements is a tall order. LG2 and Hydro-Québec stepped up to the plate together after the Le Massif de Charlevoix ski station launched an RFP to create a brand experience using one of its gondola lifts.

Combining digital, sound and space design, this unique gondola lift is a canvas for the natural elements, immersing passengers in a spectacular experience as it carries them to the mountain’s summit. Hydro Express gives character to the natural forces that power Hydro-Québec’s clean power grid – the water, sun and wind – by giving them a stage on a reflective canvas, to show them off in all their natural glory.

Outside, the lift was wrapped in a reflective film to merge with the landscape. Inside, skiers were treated to a 12-minute immersive on-board experience mixing lighting, video and audio narration. Featuring audiovisual projections, luminous installations and an altimeter that triggers the video transitions, Hydro Express is the fruit of creativity and technological innovation, which had to take into account extreme climate conditions (frigid temperatures, humidity, etc.).

Congratulations to all of the 2023 Impact Award winners on their creative, innovative and effective campaigns. 

Written By:
Angie Pascale