MAY 01, 2023

Ten Questions with Erik Sederowsky, Copywriter with Blomquist


As Copywriter at Blomquist in Stockholm, Sweden, Erik has taught the citizens of Stockholm how to wash their hands properly, overseen the growth of after-school programs, and helped shed light on domestic abuse. Purpose-driven communications is central to his work. Erik is also Curator of the Worldwide Partners Next Gen Council, helping our future-focused group stay organized and productive during and in-between all of our meetings. 

We asked Erik ten questions to learn more about his background, what excites him about the advertising industry and what independence means to him.  

WPI >> Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Erik >> Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden! Currently living in the city as well. Spent a few years in Los Angeles when I was younger – the smell of astroturf on a hot day brings back fond memories.

WPI >> How did you end up in the advertising industry?

Erik >> I've wanted to work in the industry since I was in the eighth grade. I fell in love with some very specific commercials in Sweden about – get this – pharmaceutical products. I couldn't believe someone could be so funny, be seen across the country, and then I found out they got paid?! Of course I'm in!

WPI >> What excites you about the advertising industry? What pisses you off?

Erik >> Everything is getting weirder and I love it! More room for absurdism in the campaigns, and the public sector is finally stretching the definition of what their communication can be. The word genius is way overused today in advertising. Please, stop it. The LinkedIn comment sections are turning into a nightmare of cringe.

WPI >> What was your first job and what did it teach you?

Erik >> I became a lifeguard right out of high school, the driest lifeguard in Sweden! Apparently everyone can swim so I spent most of my time thinking and coming up with creative ways to tell kids not to run by the pool. It taught me valuable social cues that I still use today when I pitch.

WPI >> What is a book, movie, TV show or podcast that you find inspiring?

Erik >> Anything by David Sedaris! Me Talk Pretty One Day is the kind of short form storytelling that inspires me every day.

WPI >> What is one of the favorite projects you have worked on at your agency?

Erik >> So many it's hard to choose one! One of my favorites would be for Avtalat. We created playlists on Spotify and the song titles can be read as funny stories based on the different categories of collective labor agreements: retirement, work-related injury, termination, sick leave, death, and parental leave. New way to reach a younger audience about their labour rights.

WPI >> How has Covid-19 changed your life, personally or professionally?

Erik >> Working from home opened up new ways to be creative! Turning long walks into creative sessions combined with a collective higher regard for the well-being of everyone made working more fun, and better. Happy employees turned into better ideas which results in happier clients!

WPI >> What is the biggest takeaway you have learned since being elected to the WPI Next Gen Council?

Erik >> How fun and important it is to collaborate, learn from each other, and create across the world. No one can know everything – hence the importance of this network.

WPI >> What does independence mean to you?

Erik >> Responsibility and purpose!

WPI >> What would you be doing if you weren’t in advertising? 

Erik >> Can't imagine anything else but probably a sommelier! I just love talking to people!

This article is an installment in a series where Worldwide Partners speaks with members of our Next Gen Council. Check back for more interviews with our council members.

Written By:
Angie Pascale