MAY 29, 2023

Symphonic Digital Joins Worldwide Partners Independent Agency Network


Symphonic Digital has recently joined the Worldwide Partners (WPI) global network of independent agencies. Symphonic Digital is a performance-driven digital marketing agency for agencies, startups, and small-to-medium businesses. 

Big Agency Experience, Small Agency Feel

The Symphonic Digital Team, led by CEO & Co-Founder Steffen Horst, Partner & Chief Client Officer Dave Antil, and Chief Strategy & Media Officer Shawn Walker, have worked with many global agencies as well as Fortune 100 and 500 companies across multiple industries and verticals from luxury branding to highly competitive e-commerce campaigns. They understand the needs and demands placed on agencies to drive client results, and they make it their mission to make them more successful. 

“Our collective backgrounds working in large agencies make us keenly aware of the requirements and necessities of partnering and collaborating with other agencies,” said Steffen Horst. “We know how agencies work economically and practically; we know how agencies think and how big clients need to be serviced, but we do so with the passion and attention to detail you only get from an intimate agency team.”   

Engaging Customers Wherever They Are Online

Connecting with consumers today requires touchpoints across the near-innumerable channels and devices that they use throughout the day. Symphonic Digital offers a full range of digital marketing services, including Paid Search, Paid Social, Organic Search (SEO), Display & Programmatic Advertising, Amazon Advertising, Native Advertising, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Analytics. 

Using an audience- and data-driven approach, they create tailored integrated digital marketing campaigns to find and actively engage with customers, maximizing ROI and driving growth. 

Delivering More When Budgets Are Less

The looming recession is causing hesitation by marketers to move forward on projects and campaigns. And when they do move forward, budgets are often much lower than initially planned or thought. 

“We already have seen and heard from our agency clients that media budgets have been cut, are in danger, or are no longer available,” said Dave Antil. “Given that many agencies get paid a percentage of the media they manage, their revenue has started to decrease, yet clients still expect the same level of service.” 

This is where Symphonic Digital comes in. Their data-driven, audience-focused, performance-first approach allows them to deliver increased value and real results. 

Leads Are Not The End Point

Too many B2B brands and agencies are too narrow-focused regarding lead generation. They view leads at the endpoint – load the sales team up with leads and you’re done.

Not Symphonic Digital. They see leads as an intermediate conversion point. “We believe it is the responsibility of the agency to identify only the high-quality leads that drive the company’s end goals, sales and/or revenue,” says Steffen. “By doing so, agencies generate actual value for a client.”

Symphonic Digital has created this actual value for an extensive list of B2Blead generation and agency clients, including Nutanix, UCLA, BMC, Visual Lease, Duncan Channon, Waterhouse Brands, and Hero Marketing, just to name a few.

Humans At the Heart

When you solely work in digital marketing, it can be easy to focus on the numbers and neglect the actual consumers. That’s not Symphonic Digital’s approach. “People are the heart of what we do as advertisers,” Dave added. “We never forget that there is a human, each with their own experiences, emotions, and desires at the end of our campaigns.”

This human connection is a key reason they have decided to join Worldwide Partners as well. “Open communication and collaboration is at the core of how we operate,” Steffen shared. “By connecting and collaborating with other WPI partners, we hope to both extend the number of tools we can offer our clients as well as be that extension for other WPI agencies,” Steffen shared. 

“Symphonic Digitals’ track record in performance-based media and their focus on collaborating with other agencies is the perfect addition to Worldwide Partners,”  says John Harris, President and CEO of Worldwide Partners. “We are thrilled to add their digital media marketing expertise to our global network of more than 80 independent agencies.”

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Written By:
Angie Pascale