JUL 17, 2023



Worldwide Partners has added three new partners to its global independent agency network, enhancing key capabilities to create an even more powerful alternative for marketers. 

Delve, a technology-first digital agency based in Boulder, CO, brings Worldwide Partners pre-eminent capabilities in analytics. Delve’s clients include AT&T, Experian, Capital One, Orange, Trek, and Wynn Resorts. 

“We were founded in the U.S., but have deep roots globally, especially in Europe,” said Greg Sobiech, founder and CEO of Delve. “Marketing is increasingly global and there are more demands on performance. Delve can help Worldwide Partners bring that experience to the table, and our independence means we’ll always move faster.” 

Doable, the first creative agency to be founded and staffed by talent with disabilities, brings Worldwide Partners unique perspective and performance capabilities in one of the world’s most misunderstood consumer markets. Doable has founded the Consumers with Disabilities Research Foundation (CoDi Research), the first North American panel-based consumer research company focused on consumers and shoppers with disabilities. 

Spark, a creative agency based in Tampa, FL with teams across California, Atlanta, GA and New York City, NY., deepens the network’s substantial experience in travel and tourism. Spark has branded and rebranded dozens of premier hotels and destinations, including Visit Florida and Marriott, while energizing products across industries including boating, sports, and retail. 

The additions come as the network is winning important assignments from marketers. Last month, Brand USA gave its global media agency of record account to Worldwide Partners agencies led by R&R Partners in collaboration with Ardmore (UK) in EMEA, Hylink (China) in APAC, and Propeg (Brazil) in Latin America – the largest win in the network’s 85-year history. Similarly, Boehringer Ingelheim tapped Sound Healthcare (US) and Vivactis (Belgium) for US and EMEA marketing, while Profile Products selected Monigle (US) and Curious Plot (US) for their brand experience and agricultural marketing expertise.

Those wins came close on the heels of Worldwide Partners agency collaborations for Bill.com, Albireo Pharmaceuticals and US Worldmeds. In addition, Under Armour, Honda, Goa Tourism, Sushi Daily, and Ricola have also tapped individual Worldwide Partners agencies that are relying on network partners for local market insights around the world.

“We’re eliminating the traditional compromise of global marketing,” said Worldwide Partners President & CEO John Harris. “You’ll never again have to trade great for big, extraordinary for fast, or local for global.” 

The new partners bring Worldwide Partners to 84 agencies in 46 countries, all of whom work together because they choose to, not because they’re required to. The agencies are redefining their specialties and bring a level of market knowledge global researchers often miss. In the past five years, Worldwide Partners has grown by 40%. 

“You guys have something much more than any holding company,” longtime P&G global VP Pete Carter, now CEO of Creative Haystack, told Worldwide Partners Global Summit attendees this spring. “You let CMOs create their own agency. If I need an agency that’s great at agriculture, and someone to do the media piece, and a great package design shop, I can put those together with the network efficiently – so I get everything I need and nothing I don’t.”

Written By:
Fred Pfaff