AUG 01, 2023

Doable Joins Worldwide Partners Independent Agency Network


Doable has recently joined the Worldwide Partners (WPI) global network of independent agencies. Doable is the first creative agency founded and staffed by employees with disabilities, specializing in marketing to the disabled community.

Engaging the World’s Largest Minority Population

Over the past few years, there has been a growing awareness of and interest in marketing to diverse populations. However, one minority group has largely been ignored, and it’s a major oversight for brands because it’s actually the largest minority group in the world – the disabled community. 

“One in five working-aged adults in North America live with a disability,” says Bob Wagner, Co-Founder of Doable. “This group is not only the largest minority, but it also has a massive disposable income of $480 billion available to companies who can address their needs.” 

Engaging this population requires a number of elements, including proper representation, accessibility in live and digital environments, and, perhaps the most important one, changing the perception and presentation of the disabled community. It’s an enormous task, but this independent agency knows it is “doable”.  

Making the Advertising World More Accessible

Doable launched in 2023, and while they are just beginning to bring their specialized offering to the world, they have a solid foundation of services that brands and agencies can leverage. Two key services include:


With their newly-launched sister company, Consumers with Disabilities Research Foundation (CoDi), the first panel-based consumer research company in North America solely focused on consumers and shoppers with disabilities, Doable is conducting research on grocery stores for consumers with disabilities. 

ShopAbility will tap into CoDi’s proprietary research panel of 5,000+ consumers with disabilities from all major U.S. metropolitan areas and all 50 states to provide analytics and insights on physical accessibility, transportation, store layout and signage, supportive services, communication and interaction, online shopping experiences, social and psychological impact, and more. 

“There is little to no research available on the shopping needs, attitudes, preferences and behaviors of consumers with disabilities,” said Hugh Boyle, Co-Founder of Doable. “ShopAbility will identify barriers, inform design choices, enhance consumer experiences, and drive positive change in policies and practices to create a more inclusive shopping environment for everyone.”

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Access provides accessible design for web, mobile and social platforms, ensuring digital content meets ADA accessibility standards and growing business by meeting the needs of consumers. 

“Web accessibility is a fundamental aspect of creating an inclusive and equitable online environment, benefiting individuals with disabilities, organizations, and society as a whole,” said Bob.

Doable not only ensures that brands’ digital content is accessible to individuals with disabilities and meets all legal and regulatory requirements, but they do so by balancing the requirements while maintaining the design values and aesthetics that are so important to marketing and advertising. 

“We’re not simply out to check the required boxes and comply with the law,” Bob added. “We ensure that your newly accessible site successfully communicates to both existing customers and a new audience of consumers with disabilities, who have real buying power and a clear desire to appreciate and show loyalty to brands that recognize their needs.” 

Creating an Agency Talent Movement

Helping brands meet the needs of the disabled community isn’t enough for Doable. They are also providing opportunities for disabled talent to work in the advertising industry. 

“Doable is staffed primarily by professionals with disabilities,” Bob shared. “This group spans a wide range of creative and business capabilities, from photography and technology development to strategy and client services, yet they remain routinely overlooked by the industry at large. We’re excited to offer this talent a new ‘home’ at Doable.”

“We exist to work alongside those who refuse to have their creativity, drive and ambition stymied by conventional perceptions of what those with disabilities can and cannot do,” Hugh added. “It’s not only a talent opportunity, it’s a talent movement towards more inclusive employment, and thus, more inclusive advertising.”

Partnering Up for a Purpose

Joining Worldwide Partners at this early stage in their business gives Doable a distinct advantage. “Being a Worldwide Partners agency gives us the credibility that comes with being part of the world’s leading network of independent agencies,” Hugh said. “Along with that, we get access to services and expertise to augment our capabilities at a world-class level.” 

Bringing in specialized agencies to fit specific client needs has been a strategic goal of Worldwide Partners over the past five years, and Doable helps realize that goal through its unique focus. “Worldwide Partners is proud to be a part of fulfilling Doable’s purpose of meaningfully connecting brands and consumers with disabilities, realized through an advertising and marketing agency founded and staffed by employees with disabilities,” said John Harris, President and CEO of Worldwide Partners. 

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Written By:
Angie Pascale