AUG 23, 2023

Ten Questions with Philippe Goudreault, Director of Strategy at LG2


Philippe Goudreault, Director of Strategy at LG2 in Montreal, Canada, is a passionate strategy professional with expertise in commerce and communications. Philippe is known for driving growth by leading organizations through complex changes and helping brands and companies transform their businesses. His passion, commitment and expertise in creativity, strategy and management make him an integrated leader at LG2, and an integral member of the Worldwide Partners Next Gen Council.

We asked Philippe ten questions to learn more about his background, what excites him about the advertising industry and what independence means to him.  

WPI >> Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Philippe >> I grew up in Montreal, Canada, and I still live there.

WPI >> How did you end up in the advertising industry?

Philippe >> I found my way into the industry when I was still studying marketing in college. I entered a competition organized by a local advertising agency. We worked in teams of four, made up of people from all walks of life, and we had about a month to think of a campaign for one of their clients before presenting our work to them. That night, we impressed the client and the agency offered me a job in their strategy department. I haven't looked back since!

WPI >> What excites you about the advertising industry? What pisses you off?

Philippe >> Solving business challenges through creativity. Having the chance to chase the unexpected is a thrill. I love helping to make brands less spammy and marketing more fun. Conversely, I dislike it when marketing is put in a box and we start defining people based only on what they consume.

WPI >> What was your first job and what did it teach you?

Philippe >> I was a camp counselor at Montreal's Botanical Garden when I was 13. Aside from what I learned about plants during those summers, being younger than some campers in my group, I learned a lot about leadership and self-confidence.

WPI >> What is a book, movie, TV show or podcast that you find inspiring?

Philippe >> “The Anatomy of Humbug” by Peter Feldwick is a classic. It is one of those foundational books that gives you new perspectives on marketing and the advertising industry.

WPI >> What is one of the favorite projects you have worked on at your agency?

Philippe >> I am super proud of the work we recently did for the Dairy Farmers of Quebec (DFQ). Since 2021, we've been working to unite the dairy industry and get farmers to be more ambitious in reducing their environmental footprint. Our campaign aimed at raising awareness about dairy farmers' environmental efforts succeeded in changing Quebecers' perceptions of the industry, which resulted in a ROAS of 249%! It is the biggest market impact of any DFQ campaign in the last eight years.

WPI >>What is your favorite ad of all time?

Philippe >> It’s difficult to name only one! I'm a big fan of Alex Bogusky’s work. The Whopper Freakout and the Whopper Virgin had a huge impact on me. More recently, I think David’s Unusables is really powerful work in a category where emotions are too often forgotten. The New York Times The Truth Is Essential and KFC's communication comeback are also big sources of inspiration for me.

WPI >> What is the biggest takeaway you have learned since being elected to the WPI Next Gen Council?

Philippe >> The collaboration! Passion is what unites people from this industry. The Next Gen Council is tangible proof of that. We're all galvanized to have an impact on the people who make up the network.

WPI >> What does independence mean to you?

Philippe >> Having the luxury to choose your purpose and your priorities.

WPI >> What would you be doing if you weren’t in advertising? 

Philippe >> Architecture maybe! But why would I be doing something else?

This article is an installment in a series where Worldwide Partners speaks with members of our Next Gen Council. Check back for more interviews with our council members.

Written By:
Angie Pascale