NOV 27, 2023

Designing the Future of Visual Storytelling with The Digital Panda


The Digital Panda has recently joined the Worldwide Partners (WPI) global network of independent agencies. The Digital Panda is a modern creative agency that breathes life into web and mobile experiences to bring brands online. They are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with distributed teams located around the world. 

We chatted with Founder Ilya Kroogman to learn more about the independent agency, their unique approach to web and mobile design and development, and what it means to be powered by Worldwide Partners.

Pandas at Heart, Designing for Humans

The self-professed “design nerds” at The Digital Panda are passionate about translating their skills into exceptionally helpful solutions for their partners and clients, which include financial institutions, startups, blockchain companies, healthcare companies, and more. They start each engagement by deeply understanding the challenges, goals and aspirations, and then put together a strategy that may include UX/UI design, illustration and visual content, 3D design and animation, motion design, and video and web development.

“We focus on developing very sophisticated digital experiences and we often push the boundaries of web technology to bring ideas and brands to life,” said Ilya. “It’s a true synergy of art and science.”

The Future of Visual Storytelling

The Digital Panda believes that ideas and stories will always be most important, regardless of which tools or technologies are used to shape them. Yet, it’s the method in which the stories are told, and how consumers are being communicated to as humans, that makes the difference. 

“Instead of having users be passive observers, our experiences are interactive and involve the individuals,” says Ilya. “In this way, we’re able to leverage the power of illustration and animation to tell engaging stories that are useful, relevant and compelling to consumers.”

This engaging approach was used in a recent campaign for AXELAR. Tasked with raising awareness and generating excitement for AXELAR’s Interchain Token Service (ITS), The Digital Panda leveraged video, landing page design and social media assets to create a unique experience that would stand out in the crowded blockchain landscape and strike a nostalgic chord with their specific audience.

Diverse Team for Diverse Perspectives

If you’re looking for a diverse city, there are few others as multifaceted as The Digital Panda’s home base. “Vancouver allows you, in a single day, to swim, ski, golf and go to the beach,” shared Ilya. “Not to mention we have one of the most diverse food scenes in the world.”

But their variety doesn’t stop there. With team members peppered across the world – from Toronto to London and Hungary to Venezuela – they bring a global viewpoint to each and every client project. 

“When solving business challenges for our clients, we can’t have boundaries,” says Ilya. “Our A-Team of visionaries come from all parts of the world and together we deliver concepts, products, identities, frameworks and anything else to help our clients think about these challenges in new ways and find new solutions.”

Expanding Global Opportunities 

As the newest member of Worldwide Partners, The Digital Panda looks forward to new opportunities for global exposure, networking and knowledge sharing. “We are excited to learn from others in the same industry, connect and collaborate with fellow agencies, and borrow other’s expertise where we’re not as strong.”

“The Digital Panda pushes the limits of what was thought possible in web and mobile environments,” says John Harris, President and CEO of Worldwide Partners. “We are thrilled to add their digital product and development credentials to our global network of independent agencies.”

Learn more about The Digital Panda, and follow them on Behance, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Written By:
Angie Pascale