MAY 20, 2024

Worldwide Partners Announces Winners of 2024 Grand Indies Awards


Worldwide Partners (WPI), one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of independent agencies, has announced the winners of their 2024 Grand Indies Awards. The Grand Indies recognize creativity, innovation, and effectiveness of campaigns by Worldwide Partners independent agency partners around the globe. 

The awards were judged by a global panel of industry experts within six award categories – B2B, B2C, Pharma and Healthcare, Social Good, Tech Innovation and Travel and Tourism. The shortlist of finalists was announced in April. A winner was selected from each category, and a Best in Show Award was also selected from the six category winners. 

The Grand Indies awards were given out on the final night of Comunidad24, our Global Summit in Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

Following are the Grand Indies winners for each category:

Social Good Category and BEST OF SHOW

Winning Agency: The Beyond Collective

Location: London, UK

Client: Alzheimer’s Research UK

Campaign: Change the Ending

With budgets a fraction of other charities, The Beyond Collective had to quickly make people care about finding a cure for dementia, and then switch this interest into action – shifting perceptions from passively supported to actively invested in Alzheimer’s Research UK’s success, most potently by increasing desire to donate.

To buck this trend, The Beyond Collective created and launched a new brand platform designed to empower the nation to help tackle the disease for a cure, resulting in a 300% increase in donations.

B2B Category

Winning Agency: Five by Five

Location: London, UK

Client: Screwfix

Campaign: Don’t Stop. Sprint.

“How do you get a 60-minute delivery service for the trade talked about across the UK’s building sites?” 

That was the challenge when Screwfix approached FiveByFive with the objective of raising awareness of Sprint, a nationwide 60-minute delivery service (think Uber Eats but for tools, parts & materials for tradespeople), amongst an audience of UK tradespeople.

The Don't Stop. Sprint. campaign delivered a 65% increase in downloads of the Sprint app and a staggering 60% increase in sales through the app.  

B2C Category 

Winning Agency: Rosbeef!

Location: Paris, France

Client: Kronenbourg 1664

Campaign: The Fresh / French Way

1664 is a French iconic beer. Iconic but... at a time when craft beers are hype, it's hard to struggle and look nice in the eyes of a young audience. The challenge for Rosbeef in France was to help 1664 bottles get back in the hands of cool consumers.

With a +12% increase in sales, its fair to say, mission accomplished!

Healthcare Category

Winning Agency: Coegi

Location: USA

Client: Moderna

Campaign: #Spikevax Partner Community

When the World Health Organization announced the pandemic's end, a notable decline in COVID booster uptake followed, with the public eager to move on despite COVID's continued threat. This led to the challenge of combating COVID fatigue and dwindling engagement with related content. 

Coegi’s objective was to position Moderna's Spikevax as the preferred vaccination for COVID prevention in the U.S. market, targeting high-risk groups, Spanish speakers, and seniors with compelling messaging. Coegi aimed to increase awareness, drive brand engagement, and foster vaccination intent, making Spikevax a staple in preventative healthcare routines.

The campaign, with its carefully crafted influencer strategy, not only delivered over half a billion impressions but also successfully influenced over 300,000 vaccinations.

Tech Innovations Category

Winning Agency: Blink Digital

Location: Mumbai, India

Client: Amazon India

Campaign: Radio’d Billboards

60 million Indians still believe that video has not yet killed the radio star - tuning in to their favorite radio channels day after day while commuting to and from work.

Amazon wanted to find an innovative way to meet this cohort in a way that spoke best to them. And so they did, in a way that has never been seen before in the world.

Amazon India and Blink Digital embarked on a radio-tastic adventure during Prime Day, unleashing the "Prime Day Broadcast” "aimed to harmonize tradition and technology, creating a seamless blend that resonated with India's diverse cultural tapestry.

Travel & Tourism Category

Winning Agency: LG2

Location: Montreal, Canada

Client: Destination Québec cité

Campaign: Winter Lotus

Like all tourist destinations, Quebec City disappeared from the international media during the pandemic. This prolonged absence affected its international visibility and attractiveness, while benefiting larger Canadian cities with established reputations, and meant that Destination Québec cité (DQC) could only spend a few thousand dollars on a campaign (compared to the hundreds of thousands before the pandemic). So how could they reach the whole world on a shoestring?

LG2’s idea was simple yet bold – convince the show’s producers that the next season should take place in Quebec City by producing the first-ever tourism brochure disguised as a location pitch.

The brochure/location pitch, which outlined six reasons why Quebec City would be the perfect match for The White Lotus, was shared on social media and sent to news agencies with the goal of gaining worldwide attention.

Congratulations to all of the 2024 Grand Indies winners on their creative, innovative and effective campaigns.