JUN 21, 2024

Worldwide Partners Agencies Win 6 Cannes Lions Awards


We're incredibly proud that three of our independent agencies won Cannes Lions awards this week. Check out the winning work below:

Situationship - Sweathearts

Agency: Tombras

Location: USA


Gold in Brand Experience & Activation

Gold in Breakthrough on a Budget

Bronze in PR Effectiveness

Bronze in Use of Humour

Situationships are blurry, hard to read, and full of mixed messages. So, ahead of Valentine's Day, Tombras convinced Sweethearts to sell a special edition Situationships box filled with hearts that are literally blurry, hard to read, and have mixed messages printed on them.

Address Change - Dans La Rue

Agency: LG2

Location: Canada


Bronze in Social & Influencer

LG2 hijacked influencer marketing for a good cause. The agency partnered with influencers to redirect the free winter clothes they receive from brands to Dans la rue, a nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless and at-risk youth.

Play the Dew: Dew Battle - Mountain Dew

Agency: Syn

Location: Japan


Bronze in Sound Design

The Syn team partnered with voice artist Rudi Rok to craft an immersive gaming soundscape only using the word "Dew." Through Rud's masterful vocal performance and inventive techniques, every sound element, from subtle ambiance to explore effects, are made solely from variations of the world "Dew," reproducing the iconic audio effects of classic battle games. 

Congratulations and fantastic work to Tombras, LG2 and Syn!

Written By:
Angie Pascale