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MarTech’s Yin and Yang: C-level Marketers’ Survey Cites Access to Analytics as their No 1 Barrier

Jeff Winsper, founder and President at Black Ink ROI discusses findings of their recent survey that show trends of their budget preferences, challenges, and opportunities Yang: MarTech is needed to support customer-centricity. Yin: It is their weakest internal capability to pay it off. Marketers have long yearned for creating the best possible consumer experience, supported by a strong brand promise, regardless of the industry they ...

C-Level 2016 Marketing Study: Data access

This figure combines two questions to understand what may be creating the universal gap to fulfill the number one barrier, advanced analytics: “What are the most important data sources you require to provide advanced analytics, and of those, what is your ability to access them?” Outside of marketers having more access to financial data than any other desired data source, unfortunately, there is not one ...