June 23, 2020

Welcome Two New Production Partners -- Syn Music & Picture Farm

Written By: Angie Pascale

With near endless streaming and scrolling at their fingertips all hours of the day and night, today’s consumers should never feel they need more. Yet, there’s a growing trend showing that most brand messaging isn’t doing it for them. Consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of content and the technological methods of consuming it, causing them to tune out and log off. 

What consumers really want--what they need--is a human connection. One way for brands to give that to them is through original, evocative and creative content that stands out and speaks directly to audiences. 

We’ve recognized this need for unique and innovative content for some time, and have been actively seeking independent agencies that could provide these specialties to the WPI network. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve found not one, but two agency partners providing distinct production capabilities and expertise! 

Please help us welcome Syn Music and Picture Farm to the WPI global network of independent agencies

Harnessing the Power of Music in Advertising

Syn Music is an Emmy Award-winning music agency and creative solution with studios in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Beijing. Founded by Nick Wood, Simon Le Bon (you may remember him from a little group called Duran Duran!) and Yasmin Le Bon, Syn specializes in composing and producing original music, sound design, audio post production, and sonic branding for advertising, cinema and television. 

“Music is a celebration of culture that spans divides,” says Nick Wood, Syn Music Co-Founder. “Effective advertising does the same. We are leveraging emotions, triggering people’s memories, feelings, reactions. It’s a big responsibility to deliver music and sound to people in a way that is as powerful and creative as possible.”

Syn also provides music supervision, licensing and music curation services, and records voiceover, ADR and narration in their studios around the globe. Additionally, they’ve created a bespoke music library, called Syn Songs, which includes an ever-expanding catalogue of available music for immediate licensing. 

Syn Music has created custom soundtracks and sound philosophies for brand campaigns, movies, TV shows, hotels, retail settings and public spaces for nearly three decades. You can hear their work in numerous places, including the Mercedes Benz China’s V Class campaign, CNN “Why We Go,” The Walt Disney Company “Magic For All,” Charles Schwab “Fairytale,” The Brighton Miracle film, a film for surfer Marc Newson’s new metal surfboard, sonic branding for Sony and AMC, and  so many more!

A recent campaign for Fiat took the idea of “man in perfect harmony with machine” to a new level. Syn leveraged a human voice to create the sound of the engine for the new Fiat 500E Electric Car. Having an engine sound is a legal requirement in the European Union, and Syn had to navigate extremely strict guidelines to work within these requirements. Collaborating with voice artist Rudi Rok in Helsinki, music production company Red Rose Productions in Milan, and leveraging Nino Rota’s timeless Italian music, Syn created a truly unique and bold sonic union. 

Nick Wood joined us at our Global Summit in Singapore last year, discussing the power of music, and advocating for a more strategic and collaborative process for music in advertising.

“We’re very honoured to be the first music agency in WPI. It’s amazing to be part of such an interconnected partnership and global network,” says Nick Wood. “We love collaborating on creative projects across the globe and learning how other agencies face everyday business challenges provides amazing insights and support that was not readily available to Syn before joining WPI.”  

Learn more about your new partner Syn Music, and be sure to connect with them on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Enhancing our Collaborative Storytelling Capabilities  

Picture Farm is a full-service global production and post-production company with offices in Brooklyn, Barcelona, London, Los Angeles, Berlin and Madrid. For nearly two decades, Picture Farm has specialized in brand storytelling for photo, video and integrated production, providing talent sourcing, art buying, and editorial and finishing management for brands and agency creative teams all over the world, for every deliverable. “Picture Farm is not strictly a service production company,” says Chris Bren, Picture Farm Co-Founder. “It operates in partnership with clients essentially taking a sense of ‘ownership’ of each and every project.”

Picture Farm’s client list is a proverbial who’s who of global brands. Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Adidas, IBM, Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Bloomberg, Target, British Airways, J.P. Morgan, Anheuser-Busch, Verizon, Pepsi, Under Armor, American Express, Kate Spaek, and Mastercard are just a few of the well-known and successful brands they’ve provided with innovative storytelling over the years. Their Adidas #MakerLab Campus 80s campaign is certainly one to take note of. This ambitious campaign exemplifies Picture Farm’s total capabilities in global shoot and post production. 

Their list of awards and honors is equally long and impressive! Their work has been selected at Sundance, Ciclope Festival , Curta Vila do Conde International Film Festival, NY American Asian International Film Festival, Crested Butte Film Festival, Ladies with Lenses, Coast Film Festival,   and named Vimeo Staff Pick, Best Animation at One Screen Short Film Festival 2019, Webby Awards winners and so, so many more.

As an independent agency, Picture Farm has the advantage of being able to adapt to the shifting industry trends and improve upon best practices. “Today’s client wants unique and specialized content in all manner of media deliverables,” says Bren. “Our flexibility as an independent agency demonstrates highly specified and impactful connections to subtle and strategic marketplaces.” 

Bren shared his enthusiasm for joining the WPI network: “There is nothing more valuable to Picture Farm than to be able to proactively develop and affect the production process in conjunction with the creative as it is being built. WPI network allows for Picture Farm to get involved by supporting agencies in the client pitch process from the very beginning.” 

Learn more about your new partner Picture Farm, and be sure to connect with them on Instagram and Facebook!

Written By: Angie Pascale