April 21, 2021

Worldwide Partners Welcomes New Independent Agency Partner Together w/ to the Network

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is pleased to welcome another new agency member to our global network of independent agencies. Together w/ is a full service independent advertising and digital agency that leverages world-class creative with production services. Together w/ is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with branch offices in Mexico City and New York City. 

Together w/ believes that to move at the speed of today’s market and to create ideas that positively impact business, you must work collaboratively. “Today’s brand communication requires multidisciplinary teams, creative partnerships and innovative new ideas that silos and separate divisions cannot deliver,” said Santiago Puiggari, CEO of Together w/.  

An Agency Model for Today’s Market 

Their model was specifically built to meet these modern requirements, with the key focus on collaboration assisted by technology, creating fast, agile solutions that drive brands forward across countries, languages and cultures. Together w/ curates world-class talent in Buenos Aires and assembles disciplines within each team to meet the client deliverables, all at a competitive price. “To have a full team of very high-quality talent dedicated to a client business is a big shift in outsourced thinking,” said Puiggari.  

Leveraging the Model for Major Brands

A recent campaign to launch the new Jeep Wrangler, “Mountain Day,” utilized this dedicated, multidisciplinary team model. The moving campaign, made for adventure and mountain lovers that never follow the pack, encouraged them to climb the challenging peaks and discover themselves during the journey. It involved multiple team members handling web and graphic design, copywriting, art direction, photography, audio composition, ecommerce development, OOH, print ads, data insights and campaign performance analysis.

Numerous other clients in Latin America, Mexico and the United States have benefited from this dedicated team model, including Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Lafarge Holcim, an international building material company, Banco Supervielle, one of the most innovative banks in Latin America, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Niyea, and The Clorox Company. 

Leveraging Argentina’s Creative Culture 

Being headquartered in Argentina provides the independent agency with numerous benefits. The region has a strong development of creative industries and world-class talent in advertising, software development and digital marketing. “When we talk about offering creativity and ideas to the world, Argentina is a very good letter of introduction, because it has the credentials of being one of the most creative markets,” said Puiggari. It also provides the agency with a wealth of cultural and environmental elements to draw inspiration from, including outstanding art, music, technology, startups, sports and diverse climates. 

Expanding Their Collaborative Footprint

With such a focus on global collaboration, it’s no wonder that Together w/ has joined WPI. They are continually looking to strengthen the union with those who can add value to brands and the industry, and being a member of WPI quickly adds 70+ new agencies with whom they can collaborate. 

Learn more about the new WPI partner agency Together w/ and be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Written By: Angie Pascale