March 2, 2018

Welcome New Partner Heart+Mind Strategies

Written By: Angie Pascale

Worldwide Partners is pleased to welcome a new partner to the network–Heart+Mind Strategies. Heart+Mind Strategies is the world’s leading values-based research consultancy. As their name suggests, they believe that compelling positioning and communications must touch both the heart and the mind of consumers. By uncovering and understanding the interconnecting dynamics of rational and emotional components, they build communications frameworks and strategies that powerfully persuade by reason and motivate through emotion.

To achieve this, Heart+Mind Strategies leverages a methodological toolbox well stocked with both qualitative and quantitative solutions, along with a full suite of advanced analytics. These tools along with decades of experience in market research allow them to offer custom-tailored branding, communications and marketing solutions that influence and change consumer behaviors.

Their work with Macy’s is a great example of this. Macy’s partnered with Heart+Mind to refresh their corporate brand values and strategies, and better understand the values of their customers and associates, improve the customer experience and further establish social impact efforts. Using a mix of methodologies–online rapid ideation, web-based ethnographies and traditional quantitative work–they were able to unlock common ground amongst seemingly disparate consumer segments, employees and management and identify a set of shared values. This foundational work has served as the platform from which several product and advertising initiatives have successfully launched in 2018 and is currently informing Macy’s 2018 Community and Giving Initiatives.

Caption: The rollout of Macy’s inclusive fashion line was a result of Heart+Mind Strategies’ work.

Heart+Mind has partnered with loads of other global brands to help them better understand and align with customers on a deeper level. Amgen, Microsoft and Capital One are just a few of these brands. They’re already familiar with the WPI network, having worked with R&R Partners on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau for years.

“We’re honored and excited to join Worldwide Partners,” commented Mike Dabadie ,Co-CEO for Heart+Mind Strategies. “Over the past nearly two decades, we’ve enjoyed a tremendously fulfilling and rewarding relationship with R&R Partners and, as the only research insights agency as a member of the WPI family, we’re looking forward to working with other member agencies who share a passion for excellence, client service and consumer inspired strategy.”

Caption: Heart+Mind Strategies’ Senior Leadership Team, from left to right starting in top left corner: Mike Dabadie, Co-CEO; Dee Allsop, Co-CEO; Jennifer Airey, Sr. Consultant & Partner; Mark Wirthlin, President; Shawn Wade, SVP, Sr. Consultant & Team Leader; Maury Giles, SVP, Sr. Consultant and Team Leader; Andrew Cober, VP, Sr. Consultant & Team Leader; Beth Forbes, CXO; Brian Elkins, Sr. Strategist; Erin Norman, Sr. Consultant; Kristi Diaz, Sr. Strategist; and Darren Bishop, Sr. Consultant.

Heart+Mind Strategies is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C. in the United States, and have satellite offices in Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California.

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Written By: Angie Pascale