August 11, 2020

Partner Moosylvania Launches Social Good Campaign to Support Dog Shelters & Music Artists

Written By: Angie Pascale

Dogs. Music. Charity.

Partner Moosylvania’s new project has everything we need right now! 

Moosylvania commissioned 17 Nashville musicians and artists, who were unable to tour, to create original songs inspired by different dog breeds. The songs were combined into an album called Rock and Roll Over, which is available for free to anyone that makes a donation to animal shelters. 



The project, Just Furr Fun, was conceived as a way to give back to the community and simply to make people smile in these trying times. And with lyrics like “He's a poodle and he's oodles of fun / He would doodle if he had any thumbs,” how can you not smile?!

As a musician and pet lover, Moosylvania CEO & Founder Norty Cohen enthusiastically drove momentum for this project, working closely with the artists and production team. 

“Creating songs is a special talent and it was a real treat to host a zoom call with the writers and musicians, outlining the project and assigning them each a breed,” said Cohen. “Their creativity was astounding! They responded with clever ideas that were more than we could have imagined. Great musicianship as well – all put together remotely with a terrific engineering team.”

Rock and Roll Over was co-produced by Steve McWilliams and Debra Buonaccorsi (The Truehearts), and Dave Coleman, with contributions from Bob Lewis, Mike Younger, Megan Palmer, Jason Quicksall, Jamie Rubin, David Conrad, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Meghan Hayes, Irakli Gabriel, Anana Kaye, Stever Rempis, Mark Robinson and Jimmy Catlett. 

"These artists have all been directly affected by the pandemic in terms of cancelled shows and tours," said Cohen. "And this project gave them the opportunity to showcase their creativity while helping shelters raise money nationwide."

Each song on the album is focused on a specific breed, capturing the unique personalities and quirks of each dog. For example, on “Your Forever Friend,” Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel tell it straight about bulldogs: “I’ll snort and wheeze and pee on trees.” On the track “That’s My Retriever,” Bob Lewis perfectly sums up the Golden Retriever: “No one could have told me / You'd be by my side, I never would have guessed / How much I needed you as a friend.”

Just Furr Fun partnered with more than 20 animal shelters across the United States. Dog lovers can search for their nearest shelter through Givz, and donate anywhere from $5 to $500, with 100% going to that shelter. Moosylvania created a video PSA for each shelter featuring their specific pets in need of adoption synched to the song, "Mutts will Rule the World," by artist Steve Rempis.

In addition to making donations to shelters, Just Furr Fun encourages dog lovers to share a video with their pup on TikTok or the brand new Instagram Reels with the hashtags #rockandrollover and #justfurrfun. And with every donation, you can get an exclusive social badge featuring your doggo. Just send a pic of your dog to @JustFurr.Fun on Instagram to get your badge and a shoutout (or should be say, barkout?!).

The project is getting serious attention from news outlets across the country. CBS4 in Miami created their own video featuring the dogs of the station’s employee. 



Celebrity Dogs of Instagram are also jamming out to Rock and Roll Over, like Jasper Berner, a “handsome fella” who loves “benches, squeaky toys, beaches & snuggles!” 



“We wanted a project that would be fun for the Moosylvania team and combine three of our biggest passions--dogs, music and helping people,” Cohen adds. “We’re proud to be doing our part to support the communities and the furry friends we love in these difficult times.”

Visit today to make your donation and download the album. 




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Written By: Angie Pascale