DEC 14, 2022

Partner LG2 Launches New Independent PR and Public Affairs Agency, alinea

alinea, a public relations and public affairs agency, was created by Worldwide Partners (WPI) agency LG2 and TACT to breathe creativity into strategic communications for both brands and organizations. LG2 has been a shareholder member of the WPI global network of independent agencies since 2019, and LG2 Partner & CEO Claude Auchu currently sits on the WPI board of directors. alinea is also now a WPI member agency. The independent PR and Public Affairs agency is based in Montreal with a branch office in Quebec City.    

Making Your Voice Part of the Conversation

alinea’s purpose is to make sure their clients’ voices are seen and heard by making them impossible to ignore. They do this with skill, tact and clarity, and by putting their clients’ interests first. Their 360-degree PR expertise includes public affairs, crisis management, digital communications, media relations, government relations, influencer marketing, media training and coaching, and more, which are combined with marketing to provide cohesive and integrated campaigns. 

alinea utilized this unified approach with client LOU-TEC, a leading heavy equipment rental company. LOU-TEC recently acquired Accès Location+ and Yep Equipment Rental in order to pursue growth and maintain its position as a leader in Quebec and a major player on a national scale. alinea led internal and external communications for these acquisitions, securing press coverage in major news outlets including La Presse and Le Journal de Montréal. Read the full press release here.

Navigating the Quebec Differences

The province of Quebec is quite different from other regions of Canada. Consumer interests, media trends, language usage – it’s all distinct due to Quebec’s unique status in Canada. “Being the second-largest French-speaking region in the world, our market possesses its own references and its very own star system,” said Katia Robillard, alinea’s General Manager. “While the rest of Canada is steeped in American culture, our cultural landscape is extremely Quebec-centric.” 

This means that the same PR initiatives used in Ontario or Manitoba provinces will not work in Quebec. alinea is immersed in the province’s culture and communications landscape, and is able to create PR initiatives that echo Quebec realities, which always over perform compared to a blanket Canadian approach. 

Content Creators Over Influencers

To ensure their clients are part of the conversation, alinea must connect with those who are doing the talking. And more and more, that’s GenZ. “GenZs are being sought after by our clients, a generation that is known to consume non-traditional media and are more influenced by social media,” said Katia. 

Hwwever, as both consumers and brands become more familiar with influencer marketing, any old influencer won’t do. Both parties are looking for a more honest, authentic, and relevant connection. “Brands want to partner with content creators who share the same values, have a work ethic, and will make quality, exclusive content that represents them,” Katia added.

The GR Team Knows How to Get Attention

The alinea team are seasoned experts who are connected to decision-makers at all levels of government. Their approach is based on proven tactics to make their business partners' positions heard. Whether it is to obtain financial assistance or to meet with government officials, they know how to get attention.

Relations are Still Powerful

PR is a profession based entirely on relations – with journalists, with content creators, with influencers, with consumers. The need to develop contacts, make connections and build relationships is a constant that has been there since the beginning and will endure into the future. Katia stated, “Communication funnels may change, types of media may evolve, but one thing that will always keep its status quo are relationships. They will always nurture our work.”

The value of relationships extends to the WPI partner network. Collaborating with other WPI agencies will expand and enhance the value to their clients by opening up access to knowledge, expertise and local insights from other specialists around the world. “Our partnership with LG2 has demonstrated that by combining specialties and working together, we make each other better for our clients. The results are ten fold,” said Katia. Multiply that by 75 agencies and they’re able to drive powerful business growth through global collaboration. 

Learn more about the new PR agency alinea and connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Written By:
Angie Pascale